Little Quick Monday Post

Hello Darlins
This post has to be kept short because I have a shitload of work to do. What work? What work, my ass, I'm a busy bee. Anyways here are two things that get a thumbs up from me this weekend.
And yes, I know I skipped out on my Asshole Weekend Preview on Friday. Don't worry, I have a story about Assholes from this weekend.

1. Gopher trapped in a wellWhat can I say? It's a gopher. It's a well. It's a gopher trapped in a well. It sorta looks like a chunky person. I love him.

2. This Craigslist ad:Feel free to click on the image to read it in detail, but let me paraphrase it for you:
- kittens for sell
- there are 7 kitten
- need to get rude of you
Check out the seller's email too. I NEVER put my real email on Craigs. I always use that non-trace-back fake-out number like "comm-311764369@craigslist.org". Seriously, Jessie Madere, maybe get something a little more professional than: jessiemadere6969@yahoo.com?
Like, this has to be a joke, right? People, I have a challenge for you. Email jessiemadere6969@yahoo.com and find out if this person is a) real and b) ask how many kitten she has left for sell.


Anonymous said...

jessie could be a dude.

* said...

No, it couldn't. A dude named Jessie is spelled 'Jesse'. Did you not ever watch Full House?

Anonymous said...

donnnie says that yes jessie could be a dude

Anonymous said...

xcuse me that would be donnie

Anonymous said...

Is Mom and Dad giving you comments on your website?