Stairway Denied

So, today was supposed to be the day of reckoning, The Hills aftershow. My sister had been lining up since 3pm with her friend Steph. They don't let people in till 6pm. When I showed up, they were number 550 of about 2000 people. Stairway Denied. We waited till 5pm, at which point a terrential downpour starts and we all say 'fuck it. Not worth it'. People, i cannot describe this lineup. It was at least 4 people wide and a city block long. Jesus LC Christ. Seriously, if for some weird reason Lauren Conrad is reading this, girl do not take this the wrong way; you are not worth waiting in the rain with a bunch of scuzzabutt hoodrats. You know who the real A-holes are though? Jessi Cruickshank and Dan Levy. Not only do they get to meet n' greet LC, Walt Whitman, and Audrina, but they don't have to wait in the rain and get all smelly and damp with their make-up getting all Alice Cooper.

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