They are registered at Mystic Tan and California Meth Labs Inc.

So a while ago Pretzel Hilton posted a not-so-blind item. It was pretty hard to guess who it was, but I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be Lindsay Lohan. I am of course kidding. When Perez Hilton prints a not-so-blind item, he makes it so obvious the Amish guess who it is mid-sentance. Anyways, so here is further proof that Lindsay Lohan is dating DJ-Press Play herself, Samantha Ronson. Lohan claimed to be in Japan to shoot a Jill Stuart ad (by "shoot" she means "snort", and by "Jill Stuart ad" she means "a shitload of coke off a panda bear"). But here she is DJ-ing with Ronson in Japan, no Jill Stuart in sight. Now, this does not mean they are dating. Something tells me its more like Lohan hangs out with Ronson not because she has a crush on her but to try to look cool. "Hey guys, look at me! I can totally DJ!!" and then Ronson comes back from the washroom and is like "hey, don't touch the ones and twos!"
Anyways, let's pretend they are actually dating. One time I dated a guy who was an alcoholic and was always high on shrooms. He used to steal from the grocery store and one time took a dump on the sidewalk. I bet that that's sorta what it's like to date Lindsay Lohan; erradic behaviour all the damn time.

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