I Call Shenanigans!!

There is a lot of buzz surroundind ABC's fall line up. QUICK! Name 3 shows other than the Geico Cavemen sitcom!! That's right, you can't. Don't feel bad, neither can I. All I can focus on is ABC's newest sitcom about a Geico commercial. I'm not sure what the actual title is (Cavemen? Geico's Cavemen? Max Headroom 2007?). People, I know PLENTY of people are naysaying this show (hell, most people think it's gonna get cancelled during the second commercial break of the pilot) but do you know what I think?
I think it's a fake.
I think this show is a big fat fake. I think that it's all hype that's going to turn around and bite us in the ass come fall. We're going to tune in September 30th, Thursday Night at 9pm and watch a 2 minute commercial followed by a big fat "fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance."
That, or it will be the next Seinfeld. Who knows? I mean, come one - Hell has frozen over, people. Do you need any more proof than The Simple Life 5?
I will follow this ABC's Cavemen till the bitter end. I swear to god, if it isn't a joke, then someone at ABC clearly woke up one morning and went "aw, fuck it...go ahead and greenlight that dream I had about cavemen".


carla said...

Hi Skip Raid Mayor,

I think you're onto something here!!! :)

When does it air again?
And will you be doing anymore weekly blogs about any new upcoming shows for Summer?

Canada's Next Top Model looks promising! And why havn't you written about Ugly Betty? If you havn't seen it, try www.youtube.com and search "UGLY BETTY". Something should pop up. If not, (I'm sure it will) I can send you some taped episodes.

Hope that helps!


The Mayor said...

I hate to admit this (of God, this is more embarrassing than the Barf Diego Barf post) but you know that I am a television-fecafeliac (...that came out wrong...)
but I have never watched ONE episode of the following shows:
HEROS (well, one time I watched like 20 minutes of it with my roomate while updating Skip-Raid)
But, yes, I should watch it - I am told it is amazing, and that I am seriously missing out.
CNTM is the crappier, more retarded cousin of ANTM and I will be reporting that shit every week. I may even have a guest blogger for it.
And if I can stress you to watch a new show, it would be The Best Years, only cause yours truly is in every episode (...as an extra...lets not get too excited here)

Christella M said...

I actually *Saw* the best years.

It was like watching a whole season of a TV show in one night. The only reason I am excited to see if it gets picked up for the whole season is to watch the trainwreck unfold.

Shitty Canadian TV, I love you.