Puppy for Sale

People, I certainly love junkmail. Who doesn't want to increase their penis size using authentic Egyptian treatments or get the hottest animated smilies? Today I got an exceptional junkmail - I actually thought for a second it was a letter. Feel free to scan through it or just skip to the end:

Good day,
This is Mrs Elena Caviar am emailing you in regards of the puppy you have for sale, so what I want you to do for me now is to give me the cost of the Puppy and I want to let you know that i'll send my shipping company to come down to your place for the pick. And the payment method will be via (CASHIERS CHEQUE) which you will just take to the nearest cash point to
you to cash it. Please reconfirm your final selling price. Once i hear from you i will need you to email me the following details:
Thanks for the co-operation and God bless. Best Regards
Mrs Elena Caviar
And i also want you to know that you will be receiving a CASHIERS CHEQUE of $5.000 that will sent to from a client of mine who is owing me this amount. So all I want you to do now is to recieve the CASHIERS CHEQUE , After then i will expect you to wire the funds Immdiately to my Shipping Company to come over for the Pick up (I will handle the Shipping so Shipping
Should not any Problem). All you need to do is to wait for the Shipping Company to come over for the Pick up, You will be notify on the Day they will arrive so that you will around for them for the pick up. Also funds should be Transfered to my Shipping Company via WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER. I am Compesating you with the Sun of $200 for thelittle stress you will be going through in the transaction. Finally i am making you a promise that the pup will be taken care of just like a child and nutured like my friend,companion and pet at the same time,never lacking any care and love from me at any point,i will also send you pictures from time to time for you to see what love it gets from me. So If this is acceptable by you i want you kindly let me know in your next response....I want you to reply back to my original email address: ********@yahoo.com

So, of course I had to write back:

1. I do not have a puppy for sale
2. There is no cost for the puppy, as there is no puppy for sale
3. Is your name really ‘Mrs. Elena Caviar’? Should I send the puppy to CLUE c/o Parker Brothers? What happened to the last puppy? It was the rope in the library, wasn’t it?

4. “I am Compesating you with the Sun of $200 for thelittle stress you will be going through in the
transaction”. Really? The Sun? I’d say that receiving The Sun would be considered a pretty high-stress transaction.
5. Good luck finding that puppy!

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