The Great Skip-Raid Saved By The Bell Quiz!!

Okay, first off, how amazing is this picture?
Are you anything like me, where you live and breathe television trivia? No, you have a life, you say? Good for you - go treat yourself to a Coke. But for the rest of us, here's a Saved By The Bell quiz. Why? Cause I love you, that's why.
Today's post is also dedicated to Michele of Toronto and Steph of London who read The Skip-Raid. And don't forget to come back tomorrow, June 5th for some REALLY EXCITING NEWS!!! Enjoy!

1. Which of the following actresses DID NOT audition for the part of Kelly Kapowski?
a) Elizabeth Berkley
b) Jennie Garth
c) That bitch who played Tori
d) Denise Richards

2. When Lisa went on a date with Jessie's New York City Bad-Ass stepbrother, what movie did he take her to?
a) Electric Boogaloo: Breakin' 2
b) Cool As Ice
c) Death Wish 5
d) Casablanca

3. In that episode where the Gang tried to stop the rich Texan guy from drilling for oil in bayside, how did Zack's pet duck Becky die?
a) Lisa ran over it with her car
b) She peaced out during an oil spill
c) She was found decapitated in Belding's office (he owed a lot of money to some very dangerous people)
d) Do they even have ducks in LA?

5. Why didn't Screech sell his Secret Spaghetti Sauce and make millions?
a) The sauce was just a jar of Prego
b) Screech learned that women are money-hungry and that was a reality he was not able to accept
c) Zack said that if he didn't give him the secret recipe, he'd kill him and hide the body where no-one would find it (inside Kevin, his robot)
d) Screech is an idiot

7. Zack had to get surgery on his knee. Why?
a) Screech tried to hump it like a dog
b) Belding knocked him down (probably on purpose, am I right?)
c) He owed a lot of money to some very dangerous men
d) For attention

8. When Jessie takes too many caffeine pills to stay awake/get fucking high, who fills in for her in Hot Sundae?
a) Screech in drag
b) Belding in drag
c) AC in drag
d) Max...dressed as he normally does

9. Who was Screech's mom obsessed with?
a) Belding
b) Screech's Dad (who Screech never met, cause he hightailed it after his one-night-stand with Screech's mom)
c) Elvis Pressley
d) Kevin the Robot

10. AC's dad was in the military. Why did he leave?
a) Dishonorary Discharge
b) Killing a dude in "combat" (aka the Lunchline)
c) He was just a janitor
d) Who cares?


Jenn L said...

i am shamed i don't know the anser to one or two!

what are they!??!!!!

The Mayor said...

Well, Tori never auditioned for the role of Kelly. Although I'm pretty sure she did audition for the role of Slater. Jessie's brother took Lisa to see Casablanca (remember when he kept doing the lame Bogart impressions?)
I would have loved it if they had seen Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo

alex said...

discharge you idiot.

The Mayor said...

Thats what it says

Jenn L said...

oh man i remember that griz. fucking impressions so lames

alex said...

You're a lonely lonely idiot.

Anonymous said...

5 is a trick question, as the answer is both A and D