Hilarious Cakes

Oh shit! At work today, I stumbled upon a company called Cake Works, and ho-lee-shit, do they have some hilarious cakes. I never thought I could get this much joy out of inanimate objects, but, well...here we are.

It's Kramer! As a cake! But spelled wrong! And looking very little like him! Okay, even if your name was 'Kremer' and everybody called you 'Kramer', would you really want to be associated with Michael Richards?

Yes, this is a Crown Royal cake. Who is this much of an alcoholic that they receive a cake shaped like booze for their bithday?
Wow, even worse is the Mr. Clean cake. Imagine celebrating your birthday with a cake shaped like a bottle of lemon cleaner?

What is going on here? It looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo after a trip to Jamaica.

On one end of the "Ha ha, you're old" cake spectrum, we have Stripper Pepaw with a bulging nutsac. This cake is so weird, its like an edible dare.

Then on the other end, we have a picture of an old man farting/shitting his pants. That poor old cake man.

Let me get this straight: Todd is 30 years old, is bald, he wears diapers, has no teeth, and is farting chemical green gas. I think Todd is very sick.

Yeah, anarchy!! Fuck the police!! Lemon chiffon buttercream with princess white cake!! Fuck the establishment! Riot!

Giving a stoner a cake that looks like a giant doob is about as smart as giving a stoner a Phish album and plenty of time to yak your head off. Seriously, that dude will NEVER shut up about the time you gave him a giant cake-joint.

I'm going to give this cake to my sister for her birthday. Joking! You're getting a muffin basket!

This cake is alot of things, but mostly it's just creepy.

Oh man, just like the weed cake above, imagine all the gross innuendo that would come from this stripper pole cake?

What is this cake decorator's obsession with icing penises?!? More disturbing than the weenis is the arm holding the pole! What is wrong with that?!?

Something tells me Ashleigh and Kaila would appreciate this cake more if it was a 36-er of Malibu and some Mardi-Gras beads.

And last, but not least, is the "Poost de Resistance" (did you like that one?)
Yep, its a giant cake made to look like a pile of turds. Um, hello. If this is your birthday cake, then you are a raging Fecapheliac. Good job. Also, I don't want to come off as Hoity-Toity (as my mom would say) but who's poos are that green? That's a little more disturbing than an actual cake made to look like poos. Wait...nope. The Poo-Shaped-Cake is still worse.


Jenn L said...

i want all these cakes, but i dont know if i could eat the poo one, it looks too real. gross-town.

dawg said...

ewwwwwww my dog would be all over that.

dawg said...

I actually watched Vicki Gabereau one day and she seriously was eating all through the segment. is was pretty shocking..you think she would wait for a commercial break.

The Mayor said...

Does Vicki Gabereau still have a show?!?! How does this woman keep getting work? My mom used to watch her and I would think "why is she such a smarmy bitch to all her guests?" (all 2 of them: Jann Arden and Ashley MacIssac)

the mayor's mother said...

Correction wee mayor..I only watched her show when she hosted an interesting guest like...RON SEXSMITH!! Her show was cancelled 2 years ago...I suspect the REAL reason you dislike her is the fact she was a professional CLOWN years ago!(and still is)

Anonymous said...

I think all of these are funny except the one that looks like poo it looks really gross looking.