Kimmy Gibbler Friday

Yesterday, a reader commented that one of Canada's Next Top Sears Catalogue Models looks like Kimmy Gibbler. Well, wouldn't you know at the exact same time I'm at a dinner party saying that Tia looks like Kimmy Gibbler's stand-in. So, how much does Tia look like The Gibb? Who else looks more like The Gibb? Let's take a little look-see:
Here is The Gibb (Andrea Barber, who was actually on Days of our Lives pre-Full House. Weird):And here is Tia from CNTM:And here is Shirley Holmes (played by Meredith Henderson, of course) from The Adventures of Shirley Holmes:So who looks most like Kimmy Gibbler? Is it
1. Tia from Canada's Next Top Sears Catalogue Model?
2. Meredith Henderson/Shirley Holmes (who can be now seen on The N's The Best Years)?
You decide!
Peace out and have a great weekend urrbods!! I just got my taxes back, so I'm gettin' fixed up this weekend!.


Jenn L said...

tough, i am gonna say #3

The Mayor said...

I as well. She is a dead ringer for The Gibb (also, her and her twin brother have the same birthday as me, and thus, every year would steal my birthday thunder)

"aunt linda" said...

I agree with Alexis...Tia's the one! Oh my Gawd....Rebecca looks like my guy cousin at age 12!! Sheeesh!

The Mayor said...

Really? That's so weird!! Tia is Uggers, non? But come on - Meredith Henderson and Michelle are dead ringers for the Gibb, non?