Tom Goes to the Mayor and my black eye

Okay, so here's a little known fact about me. I moonlight as a bartender, and this Saturday I was at work (as uzge) and a guy I work with asked if I ever watch Tom Goes to the Mayor. Well, durr of course. Its fucking hilarious. So I started thinking back and was quoting some episodes ("Gibbinns!"..."Gibbaaaaaaans!") and I started singing the Rick-a-dick-a-dick handshake song. If you don't know what I am talking about, you can watch it here. Anyways, I got about halfway through the song (somewhere around "ring-a-dingding ring-a-dingding") and I started laughing HYSTERICALLY. Cripes, its a funny handshake, give me a break. So yeah, I thought "you better gain composure; they're not paying you to do the TGTTM Handshake" and went to pick up a bottle from a lower shelf and BOOM - I smoked my face off the corner of the marble bar. I threw my hands up to check if my eye was still there (it was) and there was blood gushing through my fingers! It was like Carrie! I had cut a huge chunk out of my eye under my eyebrow and blood was dripping through my eyelashes. So the guy I was working with took me to the first aid in the kitchen and threw some antiseptic on that bad boy and got me some ice. So I got to go home early from work, but I have a seriously busted eye. Its pretty bruised and I can't think of a cool story. I think I might go with "someone smacked me in the face while playing Wii Sports" or something (cause then people will think I own a Wii).

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