"Happy Friday Everyone" Quiz

I wasn't sure what to post for today, since I have some pretty tight ideas for next week, but not enough time to execute them today. So I figured, let's take it back to elementary school - it's time for a quiz! Basically, you have to guess who these people dressed up as for Hallowe'en. No, it's not too early to be posting about Hallowe'en. Shut your trap.
Some are pretty easy, and others are really hard. Especially that last one. If anyone gets that, I will be impressed to say the least. Enjoi!


Anonymous said...


The Mayor said...

I know, I'm deeply upset with my laziness today too. Come on, its Friday. Gimme a break. Its bad enough I have to work from 8am to 11pm today, AND think up ways to amuse you guys? I promise - it will be better on Monday. For reals. No foolin'

Christella M said...

1. Is this a floridian presidential campaign ballot? haha proabbly not

2. Matt Roloff from Little People, Big World

3. ??? no idea

4. Again, no idea

5. He's either Chris Pontius from Jackass fame or a male stripper?

6. They are celebrity mug shots!

7. I know it, I just can't think of it right now.

8. The one guy seems like a character from Reno 911 or something

9. George Michael? Hahha bad guess

10. STEPHEN COLBERT, my father.

11. Is he supposed to be that creepy dude from the American version of the office?

12. Mugatu (Zoolander), Someone's creepy uncle that always drinks egg nog?, A Bring it On Male Cheerleader, Jeff Gordon or some dead Nascar driver, a maple syrup drinking elf??? hahaha

13. I dont know, but it's kinda hot. hahahahaha

14. That dude from that Public service painting show! haha

15. Some weird bench guy? Haha, I have no idea

16. A stupid alchoholic hockey player

17. Sadly, I can't figure this one out

I sucked at that.
But at least I got Matt Roloff. :D

The Mayor said...

Holy shit, this was probably one of the funniest things I have EVER read:
"16. A stupid alchoholic hockey player"
AAHAHAHAHAHAH!! I will email you the answers, but holy shit, you got Matt Roloff?!?

Anonymous said...

CAMERON!!!!aka Alan Ruck is the "stupid alcoholic hockey player"

The Mayor said...

I think the Cameron costume is my favorite (next to the Matt Roloff costume).
"When Cameron was in Egypt's Land....Let my Cameron gooooo"

Jenn L said...

i think i know some of the ones christella m missed/fillin the names

#1 i would have guessed lisa simpsons costume when she was shitty florida

#5 steve-0

#7 Jennifer Aniston in Office Space

#9 Bruno

#11 dwight schrute

#13 also no idea

#14 Bob Ross!

#15-#17 r-tards?

The Mayor said...

LISA - I'm not a state...I'm a monster!!
HOMER - The only monster here is the gambling monster that has enslaved your mother! I call him Gamblor, and it's time to snatch your mother from his neon claws!

Anonymous said...

1. Lisa's crappy costume. good costume by the way.
2. Didn't get it at first - I was thinking Dorf on Halloween? Little people, big world makes more sense.
3. Something to do with Nightmare before Christmas? Or, murdered Santa wrapped in garbage bags.
4. Harry Carey - but I think it is actually Will Ferrel doing Harry Carey.
5. Steve-O, obviously.
6. Celebrity mugshots
7. Jen Aniston & her "flare"
8. Hilarious! Guys from Super Troopers
9. Bruno - the shorts aren't "cut-off shorts" enough though - you've got to commit.
10. Dunno? A political puppet of some kind?
11. Dwight Shrute - classic
12. The many faces of Will Ferrel however noticeably missing is my favorite - Will Ferrel as cowbell player from Blue Oyster Cult with the beard & 'fro and too small brown shirt!
13. ??? If the Village People all decided to dress as the cowboy?
14. Best Costume! Bob Ross - "and a happy little cloud goes right here"
15. ?? It's bothering me so much because I'm sure I know it!!!
16. Cameron from Ferris Bueler's Day off - but I literally see guys dressed like this on the street every other day.
17. Punky Brewster? Don't know.

Robot Zombie Monkey said...

13: Warriors... Can you diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig iiiiiiiiiiiiit! That movie rules! Those costumes, not so much.

15: OMG - everyone turn in your Innerweb passes and go home, you are not nearly nerdy enough. It's Tom Baker era Doctor Who. 50 tacos for 50 dollars! Yesh!

The Mayor said...

Hey y'all! Here are the full answers. I knew you would have trouble with the last one, and seriously, I didn't expect ANY guy to get it.
1. Lisa's crappy Homer-made Florida costume
2. Matt Roloff from Little People, Big World
3. Santa Claus sno-globe (aparently, he had a leaf-blower hooked up to it that blew the snow and stuff around in it)
4. Will Ferrel as Harry Carey
5. Steve-O
6. The Smoking Gun.com Celebrity Mugshots
7. Joanna from Office Space
8. Rabbit and Mac from Super Troopers
9. Bruno
10. Stephen Colbert
11. Dwight Shrute
12. 5 classic Will Ferrel roles (what, no Bob Oblong?)
13. The Warriors (Waaaariors...come out to plaaaaayyyyy)
14. Bob Ross
15. Dr. Who (good job, Robot Zombie Monkey!)
16. Cameron from Ferris Bueller
17. Clarissa Explains it All

Thanks for playing! This was fun! I'm not going to lie - I WILL be doing another post like this again!

Christella M said...

Clearly I need to watch more Simpsons, Clarissa Explains it All and Ferris Buellers Day Off. Though I don't know how I could possibly watch more of any of those things.
I suck at life.
I will resume hanging myself now.



Anonymous said...

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