Legomania; the deadliest killer. Second only to HIV.

Okay, so let it be known that I love Lego and, despite the fact that I am no longer 6 years old, would love to go to Legoland. I have never been and I would probably die upon entering the gates (which would be the polar opposite to my dissapointing trip to Mega-Bloks Town.)
I am also really obsessed with miniatures, so I wouldn't be going to Legoland to see the car made out of Lego or the T-Rex made out of Lego. Pfft, fuck-a-doodle-doo. I want to see the teeny-tiny little villages and little wee soccer fields. Why? I dunno - guess I have a God complex or something.
So I figured that fo Friday I would take it easy and post a few pretty cool Lego pictures. Enjoy!
PS - Get ready for this Monday when we will be launching INTERVIEW WEEK. Shit, it's gonna be off the hook. See you all on Monday! Have a good weekend!

You know that upside-down staircase drawing by Escher?
Here it is in Lego:
Duck Hunt was a pretty sick game. I love that back in the day, this was as close as you could come to actually killing something. If they can make a working guitar for Guitar Hero, then why can't they re-issue the Duck Hunt gun?
Castlevania Lego? Sick. I'm starting to miss the single frame / head-on format of the old NES games. I liked it. It was like watching television.
This Mortal Kombat scene is pretty good, considering how hard it is to re-create blood with squares.
This scene is missing two things:
- Lego hookers
- Lego rats robbing Lego tourists
Even if all the Legos in this Lego McDonalds have been in a dog's mouth, this is still the cleanest McDonalds you will ever see.
Where's Bart's blue shirt? Why is Millhouse not wearing a wig and singing "Sisters are doing it for themselves"? I will give props where props are due, but come on - look at that living room behind Bart and Van Houten. Dude! You need to spend less time on the Lego Simpsons and more time not on welfare.


Jenn L said...

legos rule

The Mayor said...

No joke - we made this Lego cabin in the woods one time and we played with it like Barbies - creating weird ass story lines and stuff. We also built them a Lego Hummer. It was amazing.

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