Like, right now is a dream in which I will wake up and shit like this will stop, right? Right?!

Saweet Jayzuz, I just saw this on DListed and I almost started to cry. Shit like this affects me, k? Funny story - me and my two roomates often compare ourselves to Alvin and the Chipmunks. I'm Alvin, cause I'm such a badass and I love hula-hoops and shit. My roomate Jenn is Simon, cause she loves to study and be on top of things and make sure rent is paid and shit. My kid sister is Theodore cause she sits on the couch all day eating and scratching her balls. Theodore did that, right? Scratched his balls all the time? Not so much, eh? Don't you love how these chipmunks are all badass and shit? Like, these rodents will rob your ass blind and steal your car stereo if you turn your back. Also, why is it when they try to hip-ify something, they always give it sunglasses. Like I can see some movie exec talking to the board of directors going:
Listen, I know what you're thinking...Garfield? The Movie? Well, what if I told you that this kitty is CGI? You're not convinced? Well what if I told you he wears sunglasses? He's a bad-ass! This ain't your mama's Garfield!PS - where can I get a pair of those floating Wayfarers? Plus we got Jason "My Name is Sellout" Lee, so you know that shit is gonna be a solid gold turd. And, like Michael K said, if the Chippets are in this, they better not look like Bratz.I love how Bratz can basically make any doll into an animal just by adding a nose and some whiskers.
PS - I felt weird illustrating a Bratz Chipmunkz. Why are they like strippers?


Jenn L said...

oh my god that looks amazing can we go opening day wearing costumes?!!!!!

The Mayor said...

You know it! I'm working on my floor-length A dress right now.

alex d said...

I'm working on getting fatter and dying my hairs skin tone