The Skip-Raid Interviews Joe Mathlete

Today we sit and chat with everybody's favourite internet celebrity, Joe Mathlete. Our sincerest thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answers a few Q's.Full name: Joseph Papagiorgio Mathlete

Where will we find you?
Joe Mathlete's Great Amercian Blog
Joe Mathlete Explains Today's Marmaduke
Joe Mathlete Will Draw Anything You Ask Him to on an Index Card

Occupation: There's a computer and I do stuff and it's boring

Where you live: In an apartment (in Houston, Texas)

Did you go to college or university? How do you feel about that?
A couple of them, yeah. I had the brilliant realization that I was four credits closer to graduating with a Philosophy degree than with what I'd been going for, despite having only taken one Philosophy class. I made an appointment with the registrar or whoever and was going to switch majors when I had the even more brilliant realization "wait-- I don't give a shit about any of this!"

I make a much better dropout than I did a student. I figure any job I'd ever want to work for more than a week wouldn't care if I had a degree anyway.

In your opinion, who is the most over-rated comedian (dead or alive)?
Carlos Mencia (overrated by idiots)
Larry the Cable Guy (overrated by the critically dumb)
Dane Cook (overrated by people whose opinions I'd probably otherwise sort of trust)
William Shakespeare

If you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be?
Standard response to this question (seriously-- I've evidently been asked this enough that I had a stock answer!) used to be Kurt Vonnegut, but now he's dead so that'd just be awkward. I'm going to say Mark Mothersbaugh, because Devo Devo omg Devo.

Would you rather spend an hour every day for one year hanging out with Marmaduke or spend a solid 24 hours once with The Family Circus?
So, would I rather risk being mauled to death, or risk being driven to murder several children? I can't answer this.

Mathletes -which came first - the band or the website?
The band. I started making albums under the name "The Mathletes" in 1999, pluralizing in order to fool people into maybe thinking it was more than just a kid and a four track. It didn't really work.

The Simpsons Movie. Is it going to Fucking Blow or Really Fucking Blow?
RFB. Why, why, why, why, why did they bother with this. Having said that, I've watched that "Spider Pig" clip several dozen times. It's oddly fascinating and creepy out of context.

Why did you choose to personify yourself as a duck?
I gotta have a reason for everything?

Everybody knows that being internet popular is not the same as real-life popular. How deeply do your parents understand this?
My dad (a retired kickboxer who won several championship matches in his heyday) told me the other day that he was kind of dismayed that my name returned more google results than his did. I called him a nerd and took his lunch money.

Do you think that Brad Anderson reads Marmaduke Explained and cries, or pompously brushes you off?

I stand by my previous assertions that he almost certainly neither owns nor knows how to operate a computer.

How would you feel if Brad Anderson comitted suicide? Would you stop the blog, or keep it going with even more gusto?
Again, I'm pretty sure he's unaware of what I do. It's the only way I can explain why I haven't been served with a cease and desist.

The Skip-Raid is written out of Toronto, Ontario. What is the most suprising thing you have ever learned about Canadians?
The thing about the gills. Horrifying.

Are you:
- Proud to be an American
- Ashamed to be an American
- Ashamed to be an American, but only for the past 7 years

A weird, queasy combination of the first two. It's a nation built upon fantastic principles and possibilities, and also oppression and slavery and genocide (people don't like when I bring up that last one, but tell me the last time you saw millions and millions of American Indians hanging out).
That's right, I answered in earnest. Who wants to fight?

What is your favourite animated show on Comedy Central/Cartoon Network? What is the most over-rated? What do you wish they'd bring back?
Tom Goes to the Mayor (and, though it's not technically animated in the normal sense, I need to say here that the Tim and Eric Awesome Show is one of the most weird, brilliant and forward-thinking things I've seen in I don't know how long)
Least Favorite:
It's sort of a Fox show so I don't know if it counts, but whatever: while I'll admit it does sometimes connect, I have a very deep-seeded hatred of Family Guy for ruining an entire generation's sense of humor. This will win me no friends, but seriously: random half-assed bullshit is not a replacement for comedy or substance. Hey, that reminds me of the time that I had a flashback to an unrelated non-sequitor where I made fun of a forgotton celebrity and then paused for a really really long time!
Wish They'd Bring Back:
Tom Goes to the Mayor... I can't tell if that's been cancelled or not, but if so, I want more.

Let's pretend you meet the most beautiful girl in the world. She loves all the same things you do, and suits you perfectly. The only downside is that she loves Marmaduke. Do you dump her or let it slide?
If we were really that compatible, I could most definitely overlook that one (baffling) flaw. However, we'd probably have to come to some sort of agreement where every time she mentions the comic in a positive light she owes me some sort of deviant sex act.

Have you ever used the term "soul boner" in real life?
Yes, actually... Saw Yo La Tengo a few months ago and came close to getting soul ejaculate on the people standing next to me. The loud songs were loud.

Your ideal sandwich:
A burrito.


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