The Skip-Raid Interviews The Mayor's kid sister Alex

Today we sit and chat with one of the Toronto art community's up-and-coming illustrators, Miserabitch Extraordinaire, and my kid sister, Alex. Our sincerest thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answers a few Q's.Full name: Alexandra Meredith

Where we can find you:

Occupation: Your inspiration

Where you live: To the left to the left (Everything you own, in the box to the left)

What was the worst thing that ever happened at your job?
I cut my thumb cutting a fucking bagel for a fucking red neck mom with the bagel knife on a plain bagel. I needed three stitches which took four hours of waiting at Uxbridge Cottage Hospital. I was the only one waiting at 3 in the afternoon. And my fucking boss (who shall remain nameless... Linda Compton) did not pay me for my shift like you are supposed to. I loved the stitches but I fucking deserved the $7.90/ hour for those 4 hours lost.

Would you rather wear a new, ratty pair of underwear every day, or one really nice pair every day forever?
This questions sounds like it was written wrong. Ratty underwear everyday or nice pair everyday.... Um, ratty and skid-marked, please.

If you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be? (I would pick John Waters and Amy Sedaris)
Who cares what you want? This isn't a survey about you. (I can guarantee you'll weasel more opinions about yourself within this very impersonal survey...)

If your hands magically turned into something, what do you wish they could be? (Don’t say "hands") Avoiding the obvious (guns) I would have to go with my second choice, razor blades, so I could actually swipe that ugly mole off The Mayor’s face in one smooth, effortless stroke...

The Simpson’s Movie. Is it going to Fucking Blow or Really Fucking Blow?
... This is such a pointless "interview" and more or less a shitty Myspace Survey ugly people post as Bulletins.

What is the stupidest kind of dog?
No dog is stupid. Oh, oh wait, those dogs with red mustaches from drool.

If you were forced at gunpoint to get one of the following tattoos, which would you pick and why? Celtic arm band, Chinese characters on ankle, tribal design on lower back.
Chinese characters, rendered to look like the characters from Peanuts.

What is the first comic you read in the newspaper?
Usually whichever is one illustration with a caption. Globe and Mail has REALLY bad comics.

Which television show should they show to torture people at Guantanamo Bay? According to Jim, Yes Dear, or Three and a Half Men?
Three and a Half Men, because Charlie Sheen is great American Superstar.

Are you:
- Proud to be Canadian
- Ashamed to be Canadian
- Ashamed to be Canadian until an American makes fun of Canada?

Fuck Canadian Pride. (I am now going to use as many saucy-words as I can to make this more interesting)

What is your favourite animated show on Comedy Central/Cartoon Network? What is the most over-rated? What do you wish they'd bring back?
Space Ghost Coast to Coast fucking bloooooows. My favourite would probably been Aqua Teen.

What "art school" words do you hate the most when people use them?
Oh good lord, this is my favourite question so far, and we're almost done.
1. Organic
2. Funky
3. Juxtapose

If you had to be addicted to a drug, which would it be?
Lemon flavoured cocaine.

Your ideal sandwich:
Grilled chay [cheese] with a side order of pickars [pickles] and watered-down ketchup.


alex d said...

Thanks for editing, loser.
And for your information, skip-raid fans (losers) I don't refer to my sister as the Mayor.

The Mayor said...

*Editor's Note - Alex has downs symdrome
Are you joking? I didn't edit out one thing - it was a direct copy and paste job. And nobody would expect you to refer to me as The Mayor.

Jenn L said...

i/the mayor get to take credit for you best/worst halloween costume. we thought of that shit cause you had nothing like an hour before we had to leave. griz.

The Mayor said...

Yeah, no griz, I forgot about that! You were going to go as yourself until the Super Twins stepped in and saved you from Hallowe'en embarrassment!

Anonymous said...

You are one funky, organic juxta-poser Alex!

Anonymous said...