Tonsem Alert!

First off, I need to give credit where credit is due. The word Tonsem (concert) is not mine to steal, but I am doing it anyways. So there.
Second off, Happy Monday Urrbods! I have a horrible sunburn so I am not in the best mood today.Allow me to get to the point. Immaculate Machine, one of this one's favourite bands, is playing this Wednesday (August 1) at the Horseshoe Tavern. Joining them will be Henri Faberge and the Adorables (awesome) and Shitt Hott (meh). Tonsem starts at 9pm, it's $8, and it's 19 plus, so all yall that have kids are gonna have to leave their assess at home with a babysitter/senile neighbor. So, if you have ever wondered what The Mayor looks like, then pony up $8 and come to the Horseshoe. Peace! I'll see you there!

Click here to hear Immaculate Machine and here to hear Henri Faberge.


Anonymous said...

Credit to Spenny...let it go already

The Mayor said...

Merci for the good memory! I will let it go once I get a good replacement word for 'concert'. I hate the word so much (it makes it sound so stuffy) and I HATE when people refer to it as a 'show'. Ew! Douche Chills!!
If you have any other terms for 'concert' that you like, post theme here (for me to steal)

Anonymous said...

Y'know what's worse than show?


The Mayor said...

Ew! Or Jam Sesch. Wait, nobody uses that except for Screech and Zack Morris.