Working Alot

Hey all. The Skip-Raid is unbe-reave-abree busy this week, and you will get to reap all the benefits. I didn't want to leave you hanging with just that lame attempt at a Justin Timberlake-Sexy Back joke, so you get this: a picture of a restaurant I wished I owned (ah named it mahself!)


robot zombie monkey said...

There's a restaurant around the corner from my apartment called Beau Thai, and their logo is a bow tie. I feel like Ralph Wiggum every time I walk by... It say's Beau Thai, and there's a picture of a Bow Tie on it!

The Mayor said...

Someone needs to send the Thai community a memo about naming their restaurants "cute/punny" names. There is one near my old school called "Thai One On". Get it? Get it? You KNOW Johnny Pad-Thai is reading this right now going "hhm...that's a really good name for my new restaurant..."
"Thai Love You" PATENT-PENDING!!