Anatomy of a Picture

At work, we are trying to convince our boss that getting an Office Cat will increase productivity and team building. Shyeah right, we just want it to pet and feed and occasionally tease in a funny/mildly cruel way. In hopes of tempting our boss to spend his lunch hour at the SPCA, I told him that we could train the cat to do our bidding and sent him this picture. I think it worked. Let's take a look at what we have here:1. Judging by the term 'esse' this cat is Latino (aka A Cholo)
2. This cat is a member of the Crips
3. This cat killed someone in prison (tear tattoo)
4. This cat has been shivving so many stoolies, he has bent up his switchblade and will probably ask Santa-Cat for a new one for Christmas
5. This cat needs to lay off the Camels or else he will start to smell like Kirsten Dunst

Have a good weekend Homies! I should have the internet at my house this weekend, so expect a lot less half-assed posts next week.
Peace / Mrrow


Anonymous said...

Don't you mean Satan cat since Santa would never let one of those gingery smelly rats sit on his lap.

The Mayor said...

Oh shit, I didn't even intend for it to be a Ginger cat - good eyes, Anonymous!

Eric said...

Did it convince your boss to get an office cat or did it convince to take away his employees Microsoft Paint privileges?

The Mayor said...

My boss don't own me, or my Microsoft Paint skillz.

Jenn L said...

i wish very much i owned this cat