"Can you make it look like she has, oh, I don't know, less of a penis?"

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Okay, so for serious, how much do you love photo-retouching? That shit is esspensive - it takes a lot of dollars to disguise the face of a Crystal Methodist. I came across these while cruising DListed this morning and thought to myself I'd say that's a good post for The Skip-Raid. So, for all the pics of beat-down turdlebrities, hit up iWanex Studio. Most of them are just little things, like making Lindsay Lohan look less Ginger-ashy, or making Halle Berry brighter. The other some, however. What a horror show. Real freaky-like. Here are my faves:
Seriously, click to make this one big. Ben-yon-say looks pissed!
"Nice to meet cha, hope it's not spara-dickly!"Check out iWanex for the rest.


One of the full house twins with the awful mushroom haircut - what's my name again? said...

Ah-ha! I knew underneath it all everyone in Hollywood is hideous! Just kidding - not hideous, just normal. Justin Timberlake - your eyes are not that blue! Who knew the public found moles and beauty spots so disgusting? They are the first things to go in a picture. and everyone got a little chub taken off of somewhere on their body except for Lindsay Lohan - they actually ADDED meat to her bones!

The Mayor said...

Yes, FINALLY! Someone made up a great name! I believe the name you were looking for was either Nicky or Alex. And yes, I love that they tried to make Lohan look like less of a crackhead.