The Hills Season 3 Episode 3 aka "What an Angel"

Aaaahhahah!! I decided to post this pic because it makes me laugh everytime. Look how fake they are! Like puppets.
Did you watch last night?!? Okay, here is the lowdown:
Lauren: went to Bah-rody's beach bbq and was all cute and flirty with him. Stop it, LC! He's a sucky person! But more importantly, he "hooked up" (be that as it may) with Jenn Bunney. Ew ew ew! Sack! His "downstairs" is probably covered in sores shaped like platform sandals.
Audrina: went to the bbq too, and brought along the hottness that is Justin/Bobby. God, he is hot, isn't he? Anyways, they get all cute and then he ditches her, leaving the Rose-decaled Helmet. Aaawwwww, so sad. Anyways, she cries and it looks funny because her jaw always looks wired shut.
Whitney: was AWOL. Bitch, are you for real? Where you bet at? Don't play me like dat girl, or you be put in yo place. I'll drop-kick your ass so hard, Lisa Love will feel it.
Heidi: brought Spencer to her Mom and Stepdad's crib in Bumfuck, Colorado. During dinner, Spencer had a lit-tle too much wine and started acting like a drunk-ass 19th Century ventriloquist dummy. Let's call him PJ McGarriggle. So, PJ McGarriggle has a little too much wobbly pop or wine or moonshine or something and starts doing his LC impression (bang on, if you ask me) for Heidi's Mom. Who is NOT impressed. But before that, Heidi hauls ass to the ladies, and Spencer goes "what an angel". Ew! Summer's Eve alert! How weird is that?!? I love this guy! Or the writers...I guess I love the writers. Anyways, it ends with Heidi being like "Ah lurve this mayan" and PJ McGarriggle going "Ah lurve this here laydee" and smooches and sleepin' on the couch. Do they not have a pull-out for him?
Anyways, it was a pretty uneventful episode. Bah-rody Jenner tripped on his own douchiness and broke his arm or something when they were playing beach football. Lame! Lo went to the party too and was a wet blanket/cyclops as uge. Lamer! There was no Whitney or Les Deux or Teen Vogue or anything. Lamest!!
Anyways, next week, PJ McGarriggle breaks up with Bah-rody Jenner, LC picks up the pieces, Audrina hooks back up with Justin/Bobby, Whitney works hard, the Ventriloquist glues some facial hair to the dummy (Spencer gets a weird goatee), and Lo struggles to see single images (being the crosseyed cyclops she is).
Payce! See you tomorrow for Goddamned Ginger Wednesday!

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