The Skip-Raid Interviews Savage Love's Dan Savage

Today we sit and chat with the man who has the answers to every sex question you've ever wanted to ask. The King of the back-page of free urban weeklies, Dan Savage. Our sincerest thanks for taking the time out of writing Savage Love to answers a few Q's. Full name: Dan Savage

Occupation: Sex-advice Columnist

Where you live: In stupid, stupid Seattle, Washington, the Paris of its own imagination.

Link to your website/myspace:
The Stranger

Did you go to college or university? How do you feel about that?
I went to the University of Illinois. I feel... gee, pretty good about it. I don't actually think about my college years that often -- with fondness or regret. They just... were. Had some fun, met some nice boys, broke some hearts, got mine broken. Used some drugs, got some education. The stuff you're supposed to do at college.

In your opinion, who is the most over-rated sex/relationship columnist?
That would have to be me.

If you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be?
Lunch with: New York Times columnist Frank Rich and Christopher Hitchens.
Lunch off: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Raphael Nadal.

What is the best thing about being a Dad? What's the worst?
The best thing is, well, these weird, blissed-out moments that are impossible to see coming and hard to categorize. Sometimes you just have a moment with your kid -- an off-the-wall conversation, a laughing fit, a loving, mellow few minutes sitting quietly together -- and you think, "Oh, this is why I put up with all the other crap." The worst thing... the constant, nagging fear that some terrible thing is about to happen, has happened, or will happen to your child. I am my mother now.

Between you and your boyfriend, who is more likely to let your son eat a bowl of sugar for dinner or change his name to Frankenstein?
Neither of us is that soft a touch -- we're pretty firm, particularly about food. But of the two, I'm the slightly softer touch. I'm more easily manipulated, and begging can wear me down quicker. So me, I guess.

Are you aware of how cool you are? Do people stop you in the street or do you get fan mail?
I am not aware of how cool I am. I think I suck. People do sometimes stop me on the street to tell me I'm cool. But you know what? Bothering a writer or any other public figure in public is something that only deeply uncool people do. Cool people go, "Oh, hey, there's that writer/actor/musician. He's walking down the street with his family. I guess I'll let them be." Uncool people go, "Oh, there's that writer/actor/musician. He's having dinner with his family. I'm going to go introduce myself and ask him in a loud voice in front of his small child about these sores on my dick." When the people that tell you're cool are not cool themselves, well, you wonder about their judgment where cool is concerned.

Do you ever get letters that you can't print, for legal reasons or otherwise?
Sometimes, but it's pretty rare. I rarely talk to my lawyer -- I have a lawyer, isn't that cool? -- I just use my common sense. Letters that give a lot of identifying detail about the people involved, and include accusations of illegal activity, don't get into the column often.

What's the saddest letter you ever got?
I'm always saddened by letters from teenage boys who got their girlfriends pregnant and their girlfriends refuse to get abortions, as promised. They ask, "What can I do? Is my life over?" And I answer, "Nothing, and yes -- at least for the next 18 years." If I were a straight teenage boy I wouldn't come inside a vagina is my life depended on it. I'd fuck ass, tits, throat, and elbows until I found the girl I wanted to marry and make babies with.

Do you feel that the term Santorum might be getting a little overused (not by you, by others)?
No. The senator may be history, but the substance is immortal. We needed a name for that stuff.

The Skip-Raid is written out of Toronto, Ontario. What is the most suprising thing you have ever learned about Canadians?
That your head-of-state can be elected with far less than 50% of the popular vote. I thought that kind of crap only happened down here.

Are you:
Proud to be an American
Ashamed to be an American
Ashamed to be an American, but only for the past 7 years

-Yes, sometimes.
-Yes, sometimes.
-Oh, no. I was ashamed before Bush came along. I remember when Ronald Reagan was president, and this Bush's asshole father. Those were shameful times too -- and we got through them. I'm not so sure we're going to get through W, but we'll have to die trying.

What is your favourite animated show on Comedy Central/Cartoon Network? What is the most over-rated?
Uh... animated show? I kind of liked Drawn Together, but only because I had a crush -- seriously -- on Zander. Oh, and I love Southpark, but I don't think of it as an animated show, really. Those characters are as real to me as my own relatives.

Other than The Onion and The Stranger, name 3 things about Madison, Wisconsin that are cool:
The Essen Haus (german beer-and-sausage place), Himel Chulee (sp? hymalain sp? restuarant), and all the hot Wisconsin boys.

What are you really obsessing over lately?
Raphael Nadal and the presidential race down here -- in that order. If only Raphael would run for president!

Who's talent or skill do you wish you had?
I wish I could tap dance, skateboard, and auto-fellate. I'm not sure who has all those talents, but whoever does, I want 'em.

Your ideal sandwich:
My boyfriend Terry sandwiched between Raphael Nadal and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I just want to watch.

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