The Skip-Raid Interviews 30-Second Bunnies Theatre creator Jennifer Shiman

Today we sit and chat with the creator of The 30-Second Bunnies Theatre, Jennifer Shiman. Without 30-Second Bunnies Theatre, I wouldn't have the patience to watch pieces of crap like Freddy vs. Jason or War of the Worlds. But more than that, she makes awesomely adoracute 30-second movies. Our sincerest thanks for taking the time out of being awesome to answers a few Q's.Additionally, thanks for the cute drawr-ing! Art by Jennifer Shiman

Full name: Jennifer Shiman

Occupation: A cartoonist who animates/A multimedia artist who draws and tries to be funny

Where you live: Los Angeles, CA (grew up in Highland Park, IL)

Where can we find you?
Angry Alien.com

Why bunnies?

Bunnies are cute, boingy and squeezy.

Internet popularity is much different than real-life popularity. If the websites are the classrooms to the Internet's highscool, I would say you are somewhere between the Dance Committee President and Spirit Squad. Where do you think you fit in?
No matter how you slice it, I am a total dork. Maybe president of the dork squad?

What movies would you love to have the bunnies do, but maybe wouldn't be so well-received by your audience?
My Dinner with Andre

Start to finish, how long does it take to make a 30-second bunny film?
About a month.

What was the moment when you thought "wow, this might be lucrative to keep doing this"?
When Starz Entertainment Group emailed me and asked to commission more bunny pieces.

Why Highlander?
Because there can be only one.A still from the 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Napoleon Dynamite

Which movie do you get requests for and think "absolutely not"
There are no absolutes!

Any chance of having a baby and naming it Lil' Woodgie?

Back in 2003, how many people called you Bennifer?
Not even one person. It's never too late to start, though.

The Skip-Raid is written out of Toronto. What is the most suprising thing you have ever learned about Canadians?
This isn't surprising, but I had the opportunity to visit Toronto last year, and you guys had the very most awesome grocery store I'd ever seen (Editors Note: Loblaws). Another un-surprising thing is that some of the best animation comes from Canada.

Are you proud to be an American
-ashamed to be an American
-ashamed to be an American, but only for the last 7 years

What is your favourite animated show on TV right now (can include shows with puppets)
I don't have a current favorite, but one of my favorite animated shows that used to be on TV is Home Movies.

What were a couple of your favourite obscure toys when you were a kid?
I had a stuffed octopus I named Sase and a stuffed turtle named Topsie. I made up stories and drew stuff about them, some of which appears on angryalien.com

What's your favourite Office Space quote:

"ride the bone roller coaster, whoooooo!"

You ever been to Cracker Barrrel? How awesome is that place, for real.
Yes I have. No road trip is complete without a stop at a Cracker
Barrel. I got the biscuits and gravy. It was awesome.

A long time ago I wrote in and asked you to do Clueless. You think we can make that happen?
Only the bunnies know for sure.

Your ideal sandwich:
A toasted whole wheat bagel that's chewy on the inside, each half smeared with sun-dried tomato spread; shredded basil, a couple of paper-thin slices of red onion and tomato, and maybe a melted slice of swiss. I love sandwiches.

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