Hey tid-pows. Okay, so the gingers will be posted a little later today. Why? Jesus Christ, I am still out of town. Deal. Anyways, what is The Mayor doing today? I am going to Montreal's own Bio-Dome.
I believe you may be familiar with the Pauly Shore movie of the same name? I am hoping that the Bio-Dome will be very similar; smoking weed, growing weed, eating snacks and getting high on compressed gas. Joking! I really want to see a sloth. Also, I am a nerd and love seeing different habitats and such. I also really hope a bird lands on me. Okay, so wish me good luck! I would take pictures, but apparently they have a no-photo policy. Stupid animals.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I hope a bird "lands" on you too!!!!

Christella M said...

The penguins are the best part, fo sho.

check out their mullets!