Hurl-o-ween 'tis but 2 weeks away!

It's no secret that Hallowe'en is my favourite holiday. When you spend 365 days a year eating a shitload of candy, you need a day to celebrate your life. Every year, I have trouble coming up with a good costume. Last year I tried to do Yoko Ono, but due to my extreme height and the my innate lack of, how do you say, Asian-ness, I looked more like Ned Flander's Beatnik Mom. So, I am putting the challenge out to you. Submit your ideas for The Mayor's Hallowe'en costume, and I will choose the best ones. Then, I will put up a poll on the side of the site and you can vote for your favourite. And...uh...I dunno. That's all I got. So, here are my ideas so far:
- MTV VMA's Britney Spears
- Coke-ahontas
- Amy Winehouse
- a Squirell
And that's about it. So submit your ideas in either the comment's section or email your ideas to skipraid@gmail.com. If your idea gets picked, I'll send you a present in the mail. What will the rpesent be? Love? Kindness? Some candy? Yeah, the last one.
So get those ideas in now!


Jenn L said...

a ginger

Dr. Spellcheck said...

How could you possibly misspell SQUIRREL???????????????

Eric said...

I know these are both guys, but I think a girl could easily pull them off: you should be either Justin Bobby, or Mystery from The Pick-up Artist.

ThomG said...

Larry King. Seen that fucker lately? Scary.

alex davey illustrations said...

justin bobby is a good one
-floppy hair
-greeezy hair
-patches 0of facial hair
-short shorts
-combat boots