The Mayor to be on MTV Live tonight.

Hey Tids. If you wanna catch up with The Mayor, watch MTV Live this evening on MTV (doye) at 5:30? 6? What time does this shit come on at? Anyways, I will be answering a question from the audience. What? You didn't think MTV was scripted?
Anyways, check it out. Should be grand.


tylerface said...

What! Like, Hills after show? No wait, it on at like 10. DEETS, GURRRRRRRL!! :O

tylerface (youcantescapemyfistsoffury!) said...

PS: Me love typos that make seem like me caveman. :)


alex davey illustrations said...

no lol.
no lol.
p.s. good job on the show. you were the only one who didnt stammer or look like brunette paris hilton with a floppyhat (seriously, indoors? take off the floppy hat)

Jenn L said...


The Mayor said...

oh yeah, that girl is a turd sandwich to the max (TJ Maxx)

alex davey illustrations said...

she was all "um, right. So, the boyfriend. I mean, the brother. The brother should like, whomp whomp whomp" - I tuned out