The Spook-Raid

Oooh, so scawwy! It's Hallowe'en week here at the Skip-Raid, and by week I mean 10 Glorious Days of candy, ghosts, horror movies, the macabre, nicky-nicky 9-doors, and Satan. We salute you, o' Dark Lord! Anyways, moving on. Let's take a look at the Hallowe'en Costume Poll so far, shall we?
43% Amy Winehouse
39% The Hills' Justin-Bobby
13% A Ginger
4% Your Mom
Well, lookit that. Amy Winehouse for the block, eh? And who would have thought the dark horse Justin-Bobby would have such a lead over Ginger? This is gonna be a tough race. And yes, it's true - if Amy Winehouse wins, it will be the 3rd year in a row that I have worn a black wig. I really need to find a costume that utilizes my naturally gorgeous hair. Anyways, I wasn't sure what to write about cause I had a pretty dull weekend and am having a pretty dull morning, so I decided to do what I do best - rip stuff off. So, courtesy of our good friends at The Onion, here is a Hallowe'en article or two for you to enjoy!

Indonesian Mother Sews Halloween Costumes For 60,000 Children

Top Halloween Costumes, Women 18-34

...and my personal favourite...
Halloween Safety Tips


Anonymous said...

will you actually post the picture of you in the chosen costume?

The Mayor said...

Oh, you know it! But I will probably black-bar out my eyes or blur my face or somehting.

Anonymous said...

you are full of yourself. you're probably just a fat chick.

The Mayor said...

wow, those are some pretty big words for someone who signs off as 'anonymous'. Try saying that and leaving your email address, you pussy.