Thank God it's Fucking Uuver. This week, that is...aw, hamburgers, that was a terrible anomoly. Anyways, long story short, this week is over, and that is good. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do today, so I am lazily linking to my ultra-embarrassing BiteTV post for this week. There are a couple of gems, so it's not totally worthless. In the words of a fellow BiteTV contributor (who shall remain nameless just in case someone gets wind of his negative comments and then he gets the axe...which really wouldn't be that bad) "This will all end badly. Anything with Molson adverts has to. It's a rule". So just read it, k? If you are too lazy to click on the link below, then enjoy my favourite picture from College Humor.com this week.
Click here to read the BiteTV garbage-parbage.


Jenn L said...

which is your post?

The Mayor said...

Jesus Christ. The kid who in charge of posting all the articles can never get his ass in gear long enough to actually get shit done. Yeah, Andrew, I am talking about you! Your ears burning, buddy?
It is supposed to be up by Friday morning, so you can expect to see it sometime tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Mayor has her own 3R post. Garbage parbage indeed. Yuck!