This is the best vacation ever!!!

Fuck! While I am cruising my ass around Montreal, I am missing a shitload of gossip and TV. So I come back from shopping at Village du Valleur, and guess what is the first thing I see when I hook myself up with some gossip. Britney Spears just lost her kids to KFed. He has sole custody. She has none. All she has now is her Cheetos. But no kids. Fuck, what a loser! I feel like this is the best vacation ever: no work, lots of shopping, restaurants all the time, and a shitstorm of awesome news. The only way this week could get better is if every morning I turn on my comp and Lindsay Lohan has overdosed of cocaine and that Nicole Richie has given birth in Fred Segal.
Peace Out! Also, yes Eric, Pamela Anderson did have her dogs married on a beach and Borat did crash it.

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