Big News, Sad News, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Good-morrow to all ye lads and lasses. If you read the above sentance, then you are well aware of the impending sadtimes and big...times (big times?) that are to follow. What do you want first, the good news or the bad news? (Okay, I hate when people say that, and the bad news is usually much, much worse than the good news and it is always thrown into a context like this: "Okay, so...the bad news is, your parents have been murdered by a ritualistic psycopath. The good news is the police were able to find him before he got to you!" Uh, yeah, thanks.)
Alright, but for real, here is the good news:
Good Newz!
I have been asked by Torontoist.com to be a contributor (ie: I begged like there was no tomorrow). What does this mean for you? Nothing. But what does it mean for me? It means a little bit more legitimacy. It means something really great to add to my resume. Also, I am getting quite a bit of creative freedom and I can't wait to start linking to my work, as I am hopeful it will be pretty fun.
Uh oh, now for the...
Bad Newz!
The Skip-Raid is no longer going to be updated on a Monday-Friday (and sometime Saturday) basis. I'm sorry, pretties, but it is true. Please take this picture of my dog being adorable as a peace offering.


Anonymous said...

that dog is pretty cute

alex davey illustrations said...

noboy wants to read your shitty bite tv link.
this website is going to drown

tylerface said...

I'm officially psychic. I seriously had a dream that either the Skip-Raid was dead forever, or this would happen. Well, now it has! I guess I'll just have to dive into a real dumpster now. :(

Shouldn't your baby be a Gerber baby?

(ALSO: I'm totally on for ANTM this week. Heather barfs or something.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I agree with Alex Davey Illustrations. Drop the lame Bite tv link. It sucks. Keep Torontoist and Skipraid.