Happy Friday!

What's crap-a-lappin? Not much? Glad to hear it. This week, I won't torment you with the thought of another BiteTV article (as I, um...sort of didn't write one this week). So instead, I found a very charming article over at Cracked.com titled 10 Classic Toys (and why they suck). Also, in lieu of pretty much every other webblog out there (Joe Mathlete, The AV Club, Cat Fancy Monthly Online) I will be doing a few top 5 or 10 lists next week. I haven't decided between the numbers yet, but in all likelihood, they will range from Top 3 to Top Whatever-I-Feel-Like. I already have a few lined up, and I'm thinking one might be too vulgar, so I am not sure if I will do it or not. Meh, that's for the weekend to decide. And, because it's Christmas, I have decided to include one of my favourite SNL Christmas videos.
Christmas Time for the Jews
By Robert Smigel
Sung by Darlene Love
Original Airdate: December 17, 2005

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