Hey there chaps and chapsticks. I was browsing around my files and realized that this will be my 299th post on The Skip-Raid. That's a pretty big accomplishment for me, seing as I quit most anything I do. This is like the Little Blog that Could. Or maybe just the Little Blog that Filled...time when I was out of work. That actually makes a little more sense. Anyways, its a labour of love and bla bla bla I love alls you skids. Moving on, we are really getting down the wire here with the year 2007. That's right, we have like 3 days left till I start finally writing 07 on cheques. So, in honour of the new year, I spoke to a couple of friends and asked what their predictions or hopes for the New Year is. More will be added as they come in.

Joe Mathlete
Word up. Here is my prediction for 2008: Spiders. A ton of them. To go into further detail would serve only to alarm unnecessarily... There is nothing we can do.

Jennifer Shiman
My prediction for 2008 is that rubber hotpants will be the next big thing.

Lesley Arfin
In 2008 I hope I always have a book of stamps in my pocketbook. I hope my hair grows. I hope I get to play Rock Band with my secret crush (tonight).

The Mayor
I am going to take French lessons and I want to learn how to cable knit (it's so hard!!) I am also going to try to interview Amy Sedaris.


deadeye-davi / uncle jesse said...

I would read your potential Amy Sedaris interview SO HARD!

Jenn L said...

yo i want to learn french, take lessons with me.