Year End Review Week Part 2

Hey there friends! Welcome to Part 2 of my week-long crapfest where I give you the ins and outs of my favourites of the year. And, of course, today is one of my favourites. Yesterday I did the best of YouTube. Today, its...
Aw jeah, let's get this started. Some of the choices may seem a little strange, but I chose them based on the following: programming quality, acting and talent, script continui...kidding! I chose the ones I watch every damn week (doye). So they may not be 'the best' per se, but they are the shows that are too good to miss.
SPOILER ALERT! There will be no Lost or Ugly Betty on this list. Sorry.

7. Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!
Holy crap, how much are you in love with Tim and Eric? I secretly wish they would get married and adopt some babies, so I can have my very own Angelina and Brad. Also, I wonder what potlucks are like at their house? It would be like an ex-boyfriend reunion for me (boyfriends I have relationships solely in my mind with, of course): David Cross, Bob Odenkirk, John C. Reilly. Its really no secret I love Johnny C: the man is amazing. He can do serious actor shit, like Magnolia (which was actually not as douchey as I thought it would be: I highly reccomend it) and then go on to Tim and Eric or Talladega Nights. Shake and Bake!

6. Meerkat Manor
Now, I know I am entering into the whole Meerkat Manor a little late, but I didn't have the discovery channel before, so I missed out. Well, thank you TVO (to the American readers, TVO is like Ontario's PBS, but actually shows some really great programming and isn't constantly asking you to donate money). Now I can finally catch up with Flower and her family and all the ins and outs of being a meerkat. Yes, it's about the kind of animal Timon was in The Lion King. And did I mention its a soap opera? Yeah. With meerkats. Fuck you, its awesome!

5. To Catch a Predator
Nope, this isn't meant to be ironic; I actually love this show. It's like a terrifying love-child between Law & Order: SVU and Punk'd. If you have never seen it, the premise is this: Chris Hansen gets one of his NBC staff members/lady cop/anyone with an hour to kill and gets them to pose on MySpace and Facebook as a 15 year old girl trolling for love. Then the perverts come out of the woodwork and try to court her. She invites one of them to her house under the guise that they will drink Zimas and have sex. Okay, so the guy comes over to the "house" (a house NBC has rented) and the girl is all like "Hi Juan, come in! I want to change into a bikini so we can go in the hot tub...make yourself comfortable in the kitchen". So he goes in to ice those Zimas and guess who is waiting for him? Chris Hansen with a dozen or so cameramen and cops. Burn! Then the guy is all like "uh...I didn't know she was only 15...we are just friends...I came over to give her a ride to the mall!" and then Chris Hansen will pull out the emails and read them out loud, and the pedo will run for the door where he will then be tazered by the cops waiting outside. Yes, I honestly never get sick of this.
Also, I totally could have posted an actual To Catch a Predator video, but this parody is better.

4. America's Next Top Model
Obvies! How could I leave out Tyra and her massive wig-of-death?!? While I totally ditched The Hills (which sadly, did not make this list) I could never ditch ANTM. Why? Because ANTM still has a shred of reality to it. And while this season (9)was the absolute dumps, I still totally watched it every damn week. Oh, PS - did you hear that Saleisha was in national ads and commercials before ANTM? Uh oh, scandal! I can't wait for CNTM and AusNTM (hahaha, that looks like Autism) to start. Need to fill the void! Also, RIP Twiggy. We will miss you! Have fun working...for...uh...? I can predict that once the ANTM funds start running low, we will see Twiggy in a Tesco ad or two.

3. Paula's Home Cooking
I refuse to call Paula's Home Cooking a guilty pleasure. I am not guilty about LOVING this show. Paula Deen is nicknamed the Queen of Southern Cuisine, but I will nickname her the Queen of Absolute Laziness. The woman gets paid to open boxes of Betty Crocker and call it a recipe. I mean, all of her recipes are like the following:
Easy Squeezy Peanut Butter Brownie Pie
1 Box Betty Crocker brownie mix
1 bottle caramel syrup
1/2 cup melted peanut butter
Step 1: Bake the brownies according to the directions
Step 2: When cool, squeeze caramel syrup over the brownies
Step 3: Drizzle with peanut butter
Step 4: "sample" it

Paula always "samples" her recipes, but it looks less like a 'sample' and more like David Blaine at a buffet after 2 weeks without food. She also has her son on the show quite often, who is sort of a severe Texas hottie, but is also sort of a douchebag. In the clip above, they are mowing down on fajitas or something (it probably came from a box of Old El Paso). I would say this clip sums up every single episode ever. Also also, she pronounces 'oil' like 'aw-yall', and I like that. Respect, Paula Deen.

2. Law & Order: SVU
This is a no-brainer, you all know I love this show. But can I talk about injustice for a second? Law & Order: SVU was totally shut out of the Emmy nominations this year. I know, I'll let you sit on that for a second. Alright, I will agree that some of the episodes have been a little far-fetched (read: fucking lame) in recent weeks. Let me see if I can think of one off the top of my head...hmm...oh yeah, the Second Life episode. Or maybe the Copycat comic book killers (although that ending was boss hog). Or what about the time Stabler's wife got into the car crash and she was pretty much dead (along with her unborn child!) and then she miraculously survives the crash and the baby is fine? What the hell?! That wife was a beeyotch and dead weight; they could have killed her off and no-one would be wiser. Pfft, whatever. As long as Christopher Meloni stays, and Ice T keeps being smarmy with white people, and his ho of a wife Coco keeps making guest appearances, I will watch this till I go blind.

1. 30 Rock
I honestly shouldn't have to explain why this is on the list. This is the best show on television right now. Watch it watch it watch it!


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i love dr. steve brule so hard.

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