Year End Review Week Part 4

Welcome back, Amigos. How goes it for you today? For me, pretty good, I suppose. Didn't have time to shower this morning, so I sort of look like that Nick Nolte mugshot. Yeah, moving on. Today I am going to nerd myself right out as we take a look at the Skip-Raid's...

8. Drugs & Poisons
Ever wanted to know about a drug or a toxin, but felt far too stupid to open a science journal? Me too, that's why I visit this site. It explains in plain english what you are taking (or what you would like to mix with Kahlua to get fucking wasted) and is sometimes very funny and is always charming.

7. Vice
I am far too lazy to go and pick up a free magazine, so I am glad they started putting all the magazine content online. Thank you for encouraging me to stay in my house.

6. Craigslist
Yes, I used to use this site for buying and selling, but now I like to read the Rants and Raves and the Missed Connections. I also like to read people's resumes and see what pets are being sold. I think I need a life.

5. College Humor
I have a crush on Amir Blumenfeld. And Streeter. Aw fuck it, I have a crush on every boy (you made me go there).

4. Cracked
Sadly, this year saw the death of Cracked magazine. Too bad, it was actually good. Like MAD, but not...you know...punny. So I was very happy to see the website flourish into the blossoming teenager it has become. What? It updates every day with a new list - I need to stress that, many of the articles are in list-form, but all of them are funny, so don't worry.

3. Cute Overload
I need to thank my friend Heema for introducing me to Cute Overload. I could honestly be having the worst day at work or whatever, or a homeless man could spit on me, or I could get diarrheah in Barnes & Noble, and then spend 3 minutes on Cute Overload and everything is all better. Oh shit, I have turned into Cathy!

2. Joe Mathlete Explains today's Marmaduke
This year I was lucky enough to cultivate a small internet-based friendship with Joe Mathlete, which is nice because you can never have too many friends (internet-based or otherwise). So I am so so ashamed that I didn't place Marmaduke Explained at the top spot. I'm sorry, homebraw! (Sometimes I like to pretend I am a frat boy. Mostly for the time I can spend sitting in my underwear watching TV). Okay, where was I going with this? Oh yeah, the whole idea is that Joe M explains the jokes from your dauly Marmaduke. If you don't already visit this site on a daily basis, I urge you to start.

1. Dlisted
If Michael K wasn't gay, I would marry his ass in a second. Not many things make me actually laugh, but he does every single day. Plus, he updates every 10 minutes. I know, I seriously visit his site almost 90 times a day. And I know that you may be leery of gossip sites (like the ever-lame Perez Hilton) but he is effing funny about it. He hates everyone, and I love that. Plus he posts fun stories about white trash and Japanese people and stuff. Even Fred Armisen gave him a shout-out (and Fred Armisen is the best).
For being a hot slut, I salute you Michael K!

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Anonymous said...

Funny post...I laughed out loud!

Jenn L said...

good picks en generalement. can never get enough joe mathlete really.

The Mayor said...

I don't know what to do for Monday! I am alls out of ideas (and jokes)

tylerface said...

Monday? I unno. Do the "12 days of Jewish Kwanzaa" and name all the best Christmas specials of all time?

I have no clue! It amazes me how you have so many fresh ideas! 'A&P Fresh', even!

tyland said...

good jesus in the manger! my little site was an honourable mention.....wow. thanks for single handedly sextupleting my hits!

Hermie said...

How about funniest holiday stories from your readers? Kwanzaa, Christmas, Ramadan, Channakah.....

Mayor you go first!