Year End Review Week Starts Now!

Okay, so being the copycat that I am (copycat / just too damn lazy to think of anything original) I am doing a year-end round up of my favourite things. Today I am choosing to focus in on You Tube Video Parodies! Oh yeah, like no one has done this to death, right? Anyways, some you might have seen before and some may be new, but all of them are gems. So sit back and take a watch at The Skip-Raid's...

6. Crank That (Kosher Boy)
(parody of Soulja Boy)

Okay, I know what you are saying: this isn't drop-trou funny. And I wholeheartedly agree. I really only like it for the repeated "Now all my JOOOOOOOOOOOOS" repeat. Meh, it's worth a watch.

5. Dove Evolution parody

The payoff is definatley at the end. Ugh, how much did I hate that stupid Dove ad. It's like, Um, yeah. Everybody knows that ads are airbrushed to shit. I also loved that the people who went most cuckoo for cocoapuffs were ugly girls. They're like "Yeah! Validate our hideousness, Dove!" Anyways, this is pretty good.

4. Brains
(parody of Shoes)

Honestly, you can't do better than The Liam Show's Shoes, but Brains comes fairly close. I say "fairly" not "extremely". Keep that in mind.

3. David Blaine Street Magic Parody

I wish this was a song parody, but it's not. David Blaine is a magician, not a singer. But this David Blaine parody knocks the socks off that shitty Cheez-Its commercial. This is where I tell the American readers that in Canada they had stupid David Blaine parodies to promote crackers but then I would bore you all to death.

2. Slutz
(parody of Bratz)

I have been referring to Bratz as Slutz for years now, so you can imagine my excitement when I found this. My only issue is that the "girls" in it haven't seen 35 in about 5 years, and I'm pretty sure one of them is the fat one (I know, Natalie) from The Facts of Life. But it's still totally funny. Funny, and extremely disturbing; like, 4 year old girls actually play with those dolls, eh? That's fucked.

1. Chongalicious
(parody of Fergie's Fergalicious)

I knew I couldn't do a YouTube roundup without mentioning Chongalicious. Everything about this video is great: low-ass budget, blatant stereotyping, accurate portrayal of the Latino community. When you watch this you also totally get the feeling that these two girls have been BFFs since there have been BFFs. Nice. Also, very very funny. And catchy (I caught myself listening to Chongalicious while writing this).


Anonymous said...

thank you for your mom's ginger snaps - thank you as well for sorting through all the junk to find these - uxbridge forever!

The Mayor said...

Ahahahaha! Merci!