Ginger Tuesday tomorrow, Degrassi right now.

I know, I’m sorry. Last week in the comments, someone wrote “where did Ginger Tuesday/Wednesday go?”
Don’t worry, dear child. We have one for tomorrow, and it is AMAZING! Full colour pictures and everyting, so you best be here.
Now, I am half asleep right now because the cat kept me up all night. He must have done some kitty coke and was lifting some kitty weights and listening to the all-cat version of Rush, because he was running around the house all night. Jesus Christ, do cats do this? I thought they just slept and ate lasagna. Not ONCE has he asked for lasagna. I have been mislead. Anyways, the reason Ginger Tuesdays got bumped again is because Degrassi was something rank last night. I hope you watched, cause it was such a steaming pile. The episode itself was okay, but it was one character in particallurs. Trashley.
Oh my god, what a twat. She’s back with a less-crappy haircut, but I see right through her. Ugh, and when I say I hate Ashley Kerwin, I also mean that I hate Melissa McIntyre. She is such a shit actress it gives me a headache. So she is back with Jimmy (poor guy) and she is pissed because everybody knows her as Craig’s Ex. Duh! He is famous now and you are nothing, you fugly midget-face! So she writes this song that gets booed at the Talent Show (justified) and then Jimmy comes out and starts rapping on it and everybody loves it. Of course they do, whos gonna boo a guy in a wheelchair? Jokes – he is actually good. So anyways, this record exec guy loves them and by them I mean Jimmy. Ashley gets pissed and Jimmy keeps saying “not me without her” and other such bullshit. Then Ashley is editing their demo tape and she erases Jimmy’s vocals and labels it Ashley’s Demo. Fuck! That is Grade-A Cunt material right there. Cold! The boy is in a wheelchair, your selfish tard.
The best line came from Ellie though when Ashley went “things come so easy for Jimmy” and Ellie goes “yeah…like walking?” Ooh, good one! I normally hate Ellie (cause she stole my man Craig last season) but she is growing on me. Anyways, I can’t believe she is back with Jimmy. He could do so much better than that grown-ass midget. You mean to tell me he can’t get some honey from the cheerleading squad? Oh yeah, those bitches be superficial; they want a man who can roll up in a hoopty, not a wheelchair. Degrassi is due for another school shooting. Ashley, nothing says hero like jumping in front of stray bullets. Keep that in mind.
So next week, Spinner is gonna get some disease or something? What? Is it Diabeetus? I bet its Type 2. The silent fatty killer!! We shall see.


Jenn L said...

i liked that post but some questions as i have been out of the degrassi loop

#1 is craig famous actually now?

really that is my only question.

man o man i hate it when peeps is alls not me without them! you are being too nice, cut the dead weight loose!

The Mayor said...

Craig is pseudo famous now. He would be like on the same sort of level as a Canadian Idol winner. So, people know him, but its mostly people from his hometown and moms who watch Canada AM.
Craig will always be my zitty-faced coke-snorting pretend boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

What grade are you guys in? This is a high school blog right?

The Mayor said...

Do you honestly believe I am in love with a character? Well, you are right. I have already legally changed my name to Mrs. Mayor Craig Manning and I started doing coke so we have something in common. Also, I refuse to believe that his real name is Jake Epstein and that he is a so-called “actor” (pfft, all lies!)
And yes – this is a high-school blog. Go School!!

Jenn L said...

like wait are we talking the character craig or jake here? is craig famous on the show? or is jake just famous?

high school rules!

deadeye-davi / uncle jesse said...

This is a HIGH SCHOOL BLOG!?! You better not be from Schoolerton High! THEY ARE OUR RIVALS!

The Mayor said...

Let’s clear things up:
- Craig is famous; Jake Epstein is not.
- This is not a high school blog. It’s a High School Musical.

Anonymous said...

You mean Prom Night the movie? I'm so glad I found this high school blog. Will you be talking about Hanna Montana soon?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone here "degrassified" themselves online yet? I bet the Mayor has......

Carl said...

Pure bile. Consider:

Peter framed Sean by planting marijuana in Sean's locker and telling his mom about it;

Spinner set Rick off by telling him that Jimmy was responsible for his humiliation;

Sean recklessly ran over someone sending him to the hospital;

Alex was cruel to people she didn't even know;


Are all these characters "'tards" as well or do you just use that epithet with Ashley? Yes, deleting Jimmy's portion of that recording out of concern that she would be overshadowed by him was wrong, but:

Ashley became Jimmy's girlfriend despite his disability;

Ashley consoled Paige after she was raped;

Don't these things matter?

Finally calling Melissa McIntyre a shitty actor is just plain wrong.