Good Thursday Morning!

That sounded so ‘Good Morrow, Sir’. I am just a big pile of Olde English Riddles this morning. So, I have some good news for my American readers (aka All My Readers – for whatever reason, you get my humour more than my bretheren in Canada. Meh, their loss). I will be spending the weekend in Windsor on a work-related trip. Oh yeah, vacay in Windsor, Canada’s Detroit. Speaking of Detroit, it is just over the bridge, so I think me and my traveling partner will be going to an American restaurant this weekend. I am thinking Chilis. Or Flingers. Is Flingers real? I know Chotchkies is made up, but there are so many goddamned restaurants there, its impossible to keep them all straight. I would love to go to the mall, but I don’t know if we will have time. I really just want to get a box of Trix. We don’t have them up here in Canada and I miss them so goddamned much. I would also like some Coooookie Crisp and maybe some Kix. I figure I should throw some healthy cereal in there too. I also like Pop Tarts, and while we do have them here, we have limited access to flavours. Strawberry, Blueberry, Smores. That’s about it. And don’t even get me started on our lack of Keebler sandwich cookies. The only trade-off is that we have Vachon and you don’t. Trust, Vachon kicks Little Debbie’s ass. Vachon is a French Canadian baker who makes Jos. Louis (pronounced Joe Lewis) and Ah Caramel. If you want some, I will send you some. Serious – just write me with your address and I will mail you one to try. Wow, do I ever sound like a weird ass timeshare salesman?
Anyways, let me get to the point – I will be in Detroit tomorrow (Motor City!) and will be back on Monday. This cat symbolizes what I will be doing when I get back to Canada. I will be relaxing knowing that I wasn’t robbed by any no-good-nicks on 8 Mile. Also, the cat belongs to a guy I work with. They like to dress him up and pose him around. That’s what I do with my dog! Pets are awesome.


Marina said...

You know what else America has? Dill pickles in a bag at the gas station! And they are the really good tasting ones.. like the big deli ones, you know? When your in a gas station, ask the person there if they have any!

Jenn L said...

man i wish you could hit up target! that would rule. me mam bought me a sick cardi from there for me.

also i love that cat.

ThomG said...

Tell you what, I'll swap you some Jos. Lewis' for any flavor Pop Tarts you want. I am a big personal fan of cinnamon and brown sugar, but here in The Land Of Opportunity, Pop Tart flavors are only limited by your own imagination.