Last Night’s Simpsons…lame, or really fucking lame?

Come on…Sadgasm? What the hell?!? Simsons, you can’t do a 90s flashback episode because we have seen 10 years worth of episodes already. Every damn day on FOX for that matter. Like that whole Homer inventing grunge thing? What the hell?!? Have we already forgotten the Hullabalooza episode?!? That one was rife with 90s terminology and jokes! I wanted to punchasize my TV last night so much. There was nothing that made me like it. How can you explain a 1970s prom and then going to college in the 90s? Where did the 80s go?
Simpsons writers, you are getting lazy.
I hate to say it, but it’s time to give The Simpsons the Old Yeller Treatment. The 3rd eye. The big sleep. Dirtnap. Pass the torch to funnier shows, like…uh…well, not Family Guy. Shit, King of the Hill, I suppose, is the only funny FOX show left. Yikes, wha happun?
Anyways, are any of you as pissed as I am at last night’s Tardfest? Ugh, it was just lazy. Plus, some decades are fun to parody. The 80s, for example, or the 1920s. But the 90s was so boring and lame. Fuck, I lived through it, I should know. What did the 90s give us? Nirvana, Friends and Starbucks? The only good thing about that episode can be broken down into 4 words: My Idol, Weird Al. I met Weird Al once and it was possibly the best day of my life, which goes to show you how sad my pathetic little life actually is. But anyways, I got a picture of him and me and he is super sweet and an actually funny guy. I also always secretly hoped he would get married to Judy Tenuta (another one of my idols) and they would have an amazing child. Not so much – he married some other broad and had a baby names Nina (a name I love). But Weird Al will make any episode better. You know what is marginally better than Weird Al? Bob Odenkirk parodying Weird Al on Mr. Show with Daffy "Mal" Yinkleyankle.

Moving on. I guess I had a weird weekend because I just got a cat. He’s a temp (I only have him for 3 months) but it’s weird nonetheless than this little creature could bond to me already. He’s 10 months old and is such a sweetie pie, but I still find it strange to wake up to meowing. Also, I am one set of sweatpants away from becoming one of those. A cat person. Ew. Just saying made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.
Anyways, if he does anything cute, I’ll let you know, but for now he is just good at chasing string and shitting. Animals are pros at that.


Anonymous said...

I agree - it was a big 'whatever'

Jenn L said...

come to the dark side!!!!!!!!! cat people are very friendly!

deadeye-davi / uncle jesse said...

I may be lynched (with angry type-written expletives, so I'll be fine), but I think that American Dad is consistently funny. THERE I SAID IT! And King of the Hill is one of the best shows on tv.

That being said, I am angry at my bitch of a best friend. Ho got a cat, and the little shit machine is adorable. I hate myself for not hating that cat.

The Mayor said...

Okay, I have to agree. American Dad IS actually good. I watch it every week and like it more than Family Guy. Who cares if it is a blatant rip-off? Anyways, sometimes cats can be ultra-cute. My mom says “how can you like something that leaves shit in your house in the middle of the room?”
Tou-shay, mom. But this little guy that is living with me is pretty cute. He is super snuggly and sleeps in a little tiny bed and eats little tiny kibbles.

Jenn L said...

cat rules end of story. the only reason there are dog people is because they have never lived with a cat.