Oh shit, did you watch American Gladiators last night?!?

This was definately the best image I could find for American Gladiators. First off, there was a deaf Gladiator? Second, there is a magazine called Deaf Life? What's the point, is the thing printed in braille? Okay, so last night was AMAZING! Holy shit, when I heard that NBC was bringing back American Gladiators, I shit my pants. I am serious, I had to throw the pants out. I murdered them. So last night I got nice and cozy on the couch with a plate of grapes (for show) and a bag of chips (for eating) and prepared for some classic 90's campy fluff. Shit, NBC really re-tooled it. I was expecting an hour of vaguely homoerotic party-games and instead I got 2 whole hours of uninterruped tough-guy posturing. The sets are pretty much the same: there is the Gauntlet and Pyramid and the one with the rings over the pool. Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali are hosts, which kinda cheapens it with a Surreal Life vibe. And of course the contestants are a motley crew of Ex-Marines and Firefighters. But the real difference is the Gladiators. Let me break it down for you...
90's Lady Gladiator
2008 Lady Gladiator
90's Dude Gladiator
2008 Dude GladiatorDuh, of course the guys are just as hot. Okay, so albeit that it is pretty gay (spandex, silver, kneepads, an extensive staff of hairstylists) but you have to be fit as hell to be on that show. I can't even imagine how far I would get. I could probably climb up the cargo net, but I would have to stop for several breaks and a nap.
So yeah, it's on again tonight, NBC 8pm. I URGE you to watch it - I promise, you will love it. Trust, you don't need to like sports or working out or any of that shit to totally get into this garbage. Fuck, I can't believe that I have added American Gladiators and The Biggest Loser to my weekly TV repetoire. WILL THE WGA STRIKE END ALREADY?!?


Jenn L said...

dude that shit was incredible! also read that cover again, gladiator contender not a gladiator!

they would never have a deaf gladiator.

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