OMG Weird!

So as usual, I am up on Dlisted and I come across this lovely picture of Tina Fey. No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. This is Tina Fey as Tinkerbell. Ew, I know! When did Tinkerbell turn into such a lesbodiar? I wish I could say this was some weird promo for 30 Rock, but it’s for the Disney 1000 shitty dreams campaign shot by Annie “Overrated” Lebovitz. You know I love this skank, but I think Disney made a mistake. Why couldn’t they sex her up a bit? Why does everyone always want to fug the hell out of her? She looks like a disgruntled highschool gym teacher. Also, her body isn’t even Photoshop. That is straight-up cut-and-paste. It looks like they took Tina Fey’s body and put it on Amanda Lepore. OOH! They should have gotten that hot bitch to be Tinkerbell! How AMAZING would that have been? Someone screwed up. Tina Fey would have made a better Belle. Or Cogsworth. You know who should been Peter Pan? Zac Efron. It would be like when Peter Pan is played by a woman on stage. I hate that! Why do they always get a 40-year-old woman to play a 13 year old elf boy? It baffles me.

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