Ghost Ride da Whip!

Hey guys. Sorry I didn't rap with you earlier, but it was the apocalypse of all snowstorms this morning and I didn't make it into work. It was just me and the cat, and a stressful time trying to get work done. Especially when the cat kept biting me. I know he's just "playing" but it seems very asshole-y to me. Anyways, I stumbled upon this video this afternoon, and I'm sure you've seen it hundreds of times by now, but I haven't. So go suck an egg.
Videos like this make me so ashamed to be white.
See you on Monday, pimples!!


deadeye-davi / uncle jesse said...

Wow! I bet the tards at Schoolerton High (Our Rivals) can't Ghost Ride half as fly as we can.

Anonymous said...

That's what happens when you try to live with a cat. Eventually you get smart and adopt a doggie instead!

cohnsey said...

how do you get that bus to pick you up? I want to go to work on that thing