Newz U Can Uze

Hey friends! So, you may have noticed that yesterday there was no Ginger. Well, I have a good reason for that. Right now, the whole Skip-Raid team (myself, the cat, family sized bottle of children's cough syrup) have been working overtime to bring you a BRAND NEW WEBSITE!
Now, before you go shitting your pants (too late, right?) it should be up quite soon. But what will this new site be about? Will it be like the ill-fated Skipviews? No, on the contrary, it will be effing amazing. Speaking of interviews, I should have a new one for you all sometime Friday. So, stock up on Depends now. But anyways, you can check out the preliminary aspects of the new site here. It will be updated once a week and will be chock-full of gopher guts and mutilated monkey meat. I will be moving quite a few articles from The Skip-Raid over to it, but needless to say you vampires will get your fix.
You may also be wondering why someone like myself would be posting a picture of an adorable dog in the leaves? That can be summed up in 4 letters...
Tonight. 8pm. I am so pumped up!! A new season! Can you dig it? I can dig it. I can try to dig Tyra a grave, but my arms would get tired after the section for her ass. So watch it! Then get your asses back here tomorrow morning to make sure we are all on the same page.
PS - Tyler might be back. I need to batsignal that tard and make sure he is on deck (aka able to cover for me when I pick the wrong week to stop sniffin glue).
Picture borrowed from Cute Overload.

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Tylerface said...

I'm like a case of herpes. You can never get rid of me. Apparently, there's a girl who'd be genitally mutilated! She's automatically my favourite, unless she's a bitch. Fuck, what am I talking about? I love bitches. Plus; there's fourteen girls. No recap shit this time 'round! I wish today was family day - Tyra is my mother from another....grandmother? Get your pop corn and some tissues, and perhaps a barfbag and earplugs - because this is SPEED but with Tyra Banks driving, and the bus ain't stoppin'. Ever, apparently. 10 cycles? Shieet.