A Skip-Raid Interview

Hello friends! Happy Friday! I realized that I had not done a good interview in a while, and you skidmarks seem to like them, so please help me welcome back semi-regular interviews! Remember waaay back in December when I said that one of my New Years resolutions was that I was going to try to get an interview with Amy Sedaris. Well, its almost the end of February and no Sedaris. So, you will have to take this as a consolation prize until then. Today we sit down with actor, writer, and generally very funny gentleman, Matt Watts.Full name: Matthew Gordon Watts

Occupation: Writer, Actor... Bum.

Where you live: Toronto

Where we can find you: mattwatts.ca - It's just a stupid blog... Initially it was supposed to be a daily record of all my various methods of procrastination, but that became to difficult to maintain (I have a limited attention span), so I write something stupid once a month about where various projects are at... I think the only people who read it are my family so they know I'm not dead.

Where might we recognize you from?
If anything it'd be The Newsroom. You might recognize my voice from the show I'm working on now, a CBC Radio drama called "Canadia: 2056"... A sci-fi comedy that I also write. There, shameless self promotion over.

I know you from The Destructo Brothers, but many of The Skip-Raid's readers (especially the American ones) have no effing clue what that is. Explain, will you?
Jesus that's a while a go... I'm doing the math... I was 17 when I did that show. I'm 32 now... So... 15 years ago? Wow. It was this... Uhh... Really cheap YTV, "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego" type knock-off... I played one of the two Destructo Brothers: Murray Destructo. And through a series of... "skits" we would give clues as to the location of an artifact or something in the world. And the audience would phone in once they figured out what we were talking about, and win some kind of lame prize.

Why is it that everytime I got all the clues together and called in, I never got an answer. That shit was rigged, wasn't it?
I remember asking the producers if it was rigged, and they explained to me that it wasn't, and how there were different answers for each time zone... And who knows... I don't remember... I was 17! I was just hoping it would get me girls (It didn't.) What was the prize anyway? A thing of fries? If you feel that ripped off, I can buy you a thing of fries.

Who from the cast of Destructo is doing something other than soft-core Canadian Porn?
They're all in porn, I think. According to Imdb (not anymore, they've fixed it) I dabbled in porn. German porn.

You gave me grief for hating on Roman Danylo. Why the fuck do people stick up for this guy? Does his family have ties to the Mafia or something?
Roman Danylo is the kindest, bravest, warmest most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life.

I have never watched The Newsroom. Tell me what it is about and why I should take time away from my busy Corner Gas-watching schedule to watch it?
They're totally different. Newsroom is more Larry Sanders/Office type humor... If you like more subtle and dark comedy, then I'd say you should check out The Newsroom. If you like your laughs light-hearted and fun, then stick with Corner Gas. I lucked out getting that job, man. It's always been one of my favorite shows.
I miss it.
Life sucks.

When you are unemployed, do you ever stay up till 4am watching shitty movies on TBS till your sister would pound on the walls and yell at you to get a life and go to sleep? Cause that's what its like for me when I don't have a job.
I have no siblings. So I just keep watching shitty TV, and no one tells me to stop. I eventually stop when I'm all cried out.

What is your dog like?
Smart. And not in the way everyone says their dog is smart. I mean he's fucking S.M.A.R.T.True story: I told him to go find a stick once, and he went over to a tree and tried to break a branch from it. He's also my best friend. Is that sad? I'm kind of sad, I think.

Name one really awesome Canadian television show and one terrible Canadian show (that is currently airing new episodes)
Currently airing? No comment. I mean, I realize that in itself is a comment...They're all awesome and they're all terrible. There, how's that?

The Skip-Raid is written out of Toronto, and you are a Canadian. What is the one thing that you find Americans are most surprised to learn about Canadians?
The joke answer: We're just like them, but with huge sticks up our asses.
The serious answer: We feel incredibly inferior to Americans, and mask it by acting superior and holier-than-though. All we ultimately want, is their attention.
(ok, they were both kind of serious)

Did you know Rick Mercer was gay?
Of course! I hang around outside his studio and try to pick up all the disappointed fan girls.

What is your favourite animated show on TV right now?
South Park. It just gets better and better. Seriously, last seasons 3 part "Imaginationland" was brilliant and could have been released theatrically... I thought, anyway.

You grew up in Scarborough. Ever get shanked?
I moved to downtown Toronto when I was ten, so yeah, but only twice.

Would you rather crap your pants every day for the rest of your life, or have erectile disfunction every time you get biz-eh?
I spend most of my time worrying that i will either vomit or crap my pants in public, so I'll go with ED. Besides, no one would want to get biz-eh with me if I'd recently crapped my pants.... and it's not like with ED I can't "please her".

What's the last fight you got into?
I don't know. But the next fight will be when my girlfriend reads these answers and is all like, "what's with you and the picking up girls comments?" and I'll say, "It's just jokes, yo. that's how I roll." and she'll say, "you're 32, stop talking like an idiot." And I'll say, "whatevs."

I assume that everyone who works in Canadian Television knows eachother. Are you friends with Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice?
I met Kenny Hotz at a party once, and I was too intimidated to talk to him. I love those guys, I think their show is awesome. There! There's an awesome Canadian show! Ha!

Your ideal sandwich:
Grilled Cheese from a greasy spoon.


Anonymous said...


Best line...."You're 32,stop talking like an idiot"

Jenn L said...

good interview indeed.

Christella M said...

I know Kenny & Spenny! Well... I don't "know them" know them, but I smoked Hash with Spenny once. And one time Kenny was hanging out with Snake from degrassi and I went over and was like "Canadian TV Stars are my favourite." and then skipped ahead of them in the convenience store lineup.