Stop...boner time.

Ooooh, Anton Chigur, you can air-gun my face anytime. What does that mean? Anyways, people thought I had lobsters coming out of my ears when I mentioned that I thought Javier Bardem was hot in No Country for Old Men. Embrace it! He is hot shit in that movie. Maybe its the 70's denim suit, maybe its the hair. Maybe it was the raw power coming from being able to kill a crapload of innocent Texans. Who knows, but he was something sexy in that movie.
But the reason he is this Friday's Boner Time candidate is because he is such a cutie. Okay, when you think of Spanish guys, you probably think of overty-sexual pseudo-pervs who speak in double-entendres. Like Antonio Banderas. Or Chris Kattan doing Antonio Banderas. But Javier Bardem (whos name is really fun to say) is so shy and polite and probably doesn't describe himself as mucho caliente. I imagine he wakes Peneolpe Cruz up every morning with a knock at the door saying "hey-loh my switt flowayres, 'ere ees somme of de breakfasts in bed. Ah mad yoo toasts and de jam and de eggs".
And then she goes "Oyo meeo! Javeer! De eggs are like de smiling face!"
"I knows...I made de bacon be de smile"
"Oh, I have nevar sine so cute food. You make me smile like de breakfast face!"
"Dat is de point...I leeve to make yoo smile. Come! Let us go and get some peppers at de market to make de Paella, den we come back to le hacienda to watch de football match on de televisione".
I need a life.

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deadeye-davi / uncle jesse said...

From now on, The Skip Raid needs to be written in your Spanish accented English. Too damn funny.

For next week's Boner Time, I nominate that photo of John Mayer wearing the Borat Speedo.

Christella M said...

I second that nomination.
It's like a car crash. A hot car crash.