Get to know your Mayor

Have you ever wondered what I am like? Yeah, I don't blame you - you have better things to do. But since I have to bridge the gap between Ginger Tuesday and ANTM Thursday, here is a little peek into my life. Now would be a good time for a long piss break.As you already know, I am cat-sitting for the next two months. It's okay, but the cat is such a dooshbag Williamsburg hipster. All he talks about is chicken wings and Labatt 50 and Vampire Weekend. He says he enjoys American Idol on an ironic level, but I think it's because he secretly likes shitty music like Nickleback.
PS - that's not me in the picture, btw. Just thought I would clarify.I collect Cubes. It's nerdy, but they are sort of cool. They are little miniatures of an office with little computers and little motivational posters and stuff. I tried to think of a couple of cool set ups, but this is all I could think of...2 Girls 1 Cup. The only way this even slightly resembles 2 Girls 1 Cup is the fact that it is 2 ladies and a little cup. Sadly, Cubes do not come with little plastic turds. Actually, that's a good thing. I tried to set them up again, but Tiny Town was ravaged by GODZIRRA!!I got to the office before the cat ate the IT guy or started choking on the fax machine.I'm sure if you imagined what I looked like, I might be a fat goth or a sad loner cat lady or something. Maybe, but not quite. I am actually very girly. This is my dresser. Every piece on it I wear in regular rotation. Uh...not the sunglasses. Those are the cats. NO FURTHER QUESTIONS!!


Jenn L said...

o many questions answered.

The Mayor said...

tomorrow will be better...trust.

Jenn L said...

oh i meant to type

"so many questions answered" whoops.

deadeye-davi / uncle jesse said...

Girl! Just get yourself some brown modeling clay and that mug will be brimming with dooky. The toy doo-doo situation is easier than you are making it out to be.