Happy Easter Urrbods

Hey guys! Did you all have a great Easter? I did. The Easter Bunny came to my house and left me plenty of delicious treats. Normally, the Easter Bunny doesn't bring treats to kids over 13; but I am a very special kid. And when I say special, I mean in the most 'Olympics' way possible. Anyways, enough about me and my Creme Eggs. Can we talk about Creme Eggs for a moment? How delicious are those? I think if you ate 3 at once, your chances of getting Type 2 increase 300%. Anyways, I found a couple of Peeps dioramas, and if there are 2 things I like, it's Peeps and Dioramas. I love making Dioramas. I really wish they asked me to make more at work. But then again, I am not 5 and in Kindergarten. Naw, dioramas are more of a Grade 3 thing. But I am off topic. Here are a few dioramas for your enjoyment. And if anyone wants any Peeps, get over to my house, cause I got plenty. My sister even gave me hers, but that's cause she barfed Saturday night after Easter Dinner. Apparently, she couldn't handle 2 bags of chips, a whole jar of pickles, lamb, potatoes, Peeps, several Creme Eggs, more than 4 Easter cookies, and lemon cake. LIGHTWEIGHT!


alex davey illustrations said...

Last one is so cute.
Also, that barf may I stress was pure solid, no stomach bile or liquid. I came up like a robin's barf to her young. And yes, it smelled like all dressed chips and pickars. SO MANY PICKARS. (none of which I regret.)

"papa joe, he's a movin' kinda slow at the junction" said...

We are still laughing after reading this post and comment this morning!