Lazy Wednesday...

Hey guys. Okay, so I have been sent a few good YouTube videos lately, and people are always asking me if I know of any funny videos. So, I figured I would share some with you. It's that simple - enjoy!

1. German commercial for eyeglasses
If you don't read German (what? why not?) it says "Need Eyeglasses?" I normally think that 99% of commercials are terrible, but this one is pretty good. Plus, you get some NSFW that is SFW.

2. Skin ballet

If you have a queasy stomach, I would say avoid this one. But for the rest of you that don't barf at the average gross video, then I strongly suggest you watch. Maybe skip to the 1:23 part (that's where it gets good). But the music is very pretty. The human body is a freaking circus.

3. Barbie Girl

I hate when people my age get all "nostalgic" for the 80's (how old were you, 5?) I can't wait for people to get nostalgic for the 90's. Aqua will have fans again! Listen to it, and tell me you don't want to start wearing platform sneakers and tight black flares again.

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Anonymous said...

Talking about terrible commericals, how about the lame Canadian Idol Ad with them singing on the bus.