Monday Morning Weekend Roundup

Hey friends! What's crappenin? There were plenty of great things that happened this weekend for me. Uhhh....shit, nothing cool happened. I got my legs waxed. Not much to say about that. It doesn't hurt; the only people who complain about it are big-time wusses. Anyways, the new Ginger website is almost up, and I really can't wait to show it to you guys. It's gonna be great.
But enough about that - let's talk about a few good things from the weekend.

I went to see There Will Be Blood just for the milkshake joke.
I mean, I went to see it because it is a kick-ass movie (for reals) but that milkshake joke was the tie-breaker (between that and Juno. Praise the lord I didn't see Juno. Fuck you, Diablo Cody!)

Ellen Page fucks up SNL
You heard me. That over-rated bitch crapped up snl so much on Saturday night. Every sketch was lame. I know that's more like the writer's fault, but come on - she could have tried to not suck. She is a crappy actress. The only sort-of funny sketch was the Peter Pan one. Ugh, it wasn't even that good.

How awesome was the show C.O.P.S

Seriously, sometime this week I need to do an article on this. I used to watch C.O.P.S every Saturday when I was a kid. Who else loved this shit? I say shit, because the animation was one step above Samurai Pizza Cats.

Here's the story about me barfing
Last week I told you how I was gonna tell you the fantastic story of me barfing on the city bus. Gather round, children! This is a good one!
So remember waaay back last year when I was on a TV show (no? Don't worry about it, I barely remember myself). I was on set super-early in the morning. Like, 7am. I don't do shit like 7am on-set calls, so I was sitting there in the holding room feeling mad ill. You know when you get so sick feeling, that all someone has to do is look at you the wrong way and you feel like punching them? I figured I should go home. The last thing I needed was to barf on someone on camera, so I booked it home. I was on the bus riding home and I was maybe 11 minutes from home and I had to pull the stop-bell. I barely made it onto the sidewalk before barfing everywhere. I caught the next bus after 10 minutes and I had been in my seat for about 3 seconds before I had to pull the stop-bell again. I pushed those doors open like there was no tomorrow. I again barfed like crazy. This sucked because it was now about 8am and tonnes of Dads and Moms were taking their kids to school. I can only imagine them walking by me and going "see Jonas...this is why you don't drink all night. Getting drunk is silly...".
Ugh, I wasn't hungover (or drunk). I wasn't sure why I was sick, but it was probably medication or something. Honestly, stop judging. Don't tell me you haven't barfed in public. I seem to do it alot, but I have issues.


deadeye-davi / uncle jesse said...

Poor The Mayor... I've been both massively ill and supremely drunk on public transportation and I have never experienced such a thing. Jesus must loathe you, but don't feel bad. Jesus is a hater.

wittmer said...

haha.. C.O.P.S is one of those shows i completely forgot about until i saw that video and somehow knew all of the lines etc. what a fucking great show!
also, i am definately participating in your new contest.