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7:59 - what the hell?!? It's just an ad for Dancing with the Stars?!? Where is my preview for next week?!?

7:57 - Ooh, it's over! Let's see what will happen next week!

7:55 - Marco looks sad now. I think he sucked the D. Oh...nope, he didn't. Good for you, Marco!! Don't suck the stick for dollars! Ellie is working her BFF magic and making him feel better. Aw, that's what friends are foooooorrrrr. Marco gotta learn that dick dollaz don't buy happiness.

7:54 - Manny is now having dinner with Jay and her parents. They invited a Minister over for dinner for "pre-marital councilling" for Manny and Jay. Uh oh.

7:50 - I so called this. I wonder if he's gonna go through with this. It's apparently $100 a pop. Really? I thought that Blow J's were like $30. I have been lied to. I am also gonna track some mofos down to get some lost cash. Jokes! Anyways, he looks worried - he should get the hells outta there. James St. James never sucked a dick for cash. Ew! What is wrong with folks? I have been broke as a joke, and have never thought about the easy way out. It's called The Mall, and there are literally hundreds of stores looking for people ages 15-25 to work in them.

7:49 - A car pulls up aaaand....HE'S GONNA SUCK D FOR CASH!!!!!

7:46 - Marco is asking his bar BF about getting a job at daclub. He wants to be a busboy. Ugh, Marco - you are too delecate for that. You need to get something at the Gap. He then tries to get some money so he puts $20 on horseracing. He wins $0 (of course). He needs to get some money through suckin' D.

7:45 - Manuella is now talking with her "Philipino" parents (they are so Japanese). She says it will be a loooong engagement. Shit, knock off the lies, homegirl.

7:43 - Marco just met his dirtbag at daclub, and the cover was $50. What...the..fuck? What the hell club is $50?!? I hear Human Lady - Male Donkey sex shows in Tijuana aren't even $50. Anyways, Marco can't afford that shit, so he leaves. His Dirt McGirt tells him that "money is the easy part". Prostitution!!! This is gonan get rich!

7:41 - Manny is on a date with Jay (what? When did this happen?) and he kisses her goodnight. She is making out with him and her Dad busts them. Her Dad gets all Papa Joe Simpson on her, so she makes up a lie that they were only kissing because they were celebrating. What you might ask? They're "Engaged"! Oh yeah, this isn't going to turn sour...

7:40 - Now we're sitting with Ellie and Marco is borrowing money (again) and Ellie is telling him he should be partying less. Ugh, I saw this already - it's called Party Monster.

7:39 - We're back with Marco and he is sitting with his old BF. Awww....

7:38 - Manny is trying to tell Emma that Jay (that's his name!) isn't that skeevy. WRONG - he is trash.

7:37 - Marco's 39 year old date is asking him to sneak into a club or some shit. I'm not paying attention because I think they are playing C+C Music Factory.

7:35 - Marco is at his "Cabaret" night (aka The Dance Cave with bubbles and Mardi Gras beads). He just ran into his old bf or something who is working there. Nothing really comes of it. Marco is really digging ladies in drag. Methinks he might turn Priscilla Queen of the Desert on us.

7:34 - Manny is bitching at that skeevy white-trash guy at school. Isn't she like 21? Why is she still in High School? Anyways, the guy just told Manny's Dad that he can supe up his Beemer. GAY!

7:33 - oooh, the theme of 'Marco being po' is coming up alot. I think he is hard up for cash.

7:32 - Marco is shopping in what is clearly Kensington Market. He and Ellie are arguing over the fact that Marco is going to a Cabaret night without her. Take a hint, Ellie - he's not interested!

7:30 - Marco and Ellie in a bar. Marco starts talking to this skeezy gay dude who looks like he's 6 months shy of his 40th b-day. Lame! Aaaaaannnnd...title sequence!

7:29 - So I decided to do this liveblogging thing because I loves me some Degrassi, but I know alot of you don't actually watch it. Also, I needed to prove to myself I could carry somehting for longer than 5 minutes.

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