Classic Sesame Street

Sesame Street taught me lots of things: don't eat food out of the trash, a strangers just a friend you haven't met, your parent's divorce is entirely your fault. But above all that, Sesame Street taught me that smoking drugs and animation don't mix. Wait, did I say don't mix? Sorry, I meant fucking badass. Here are some of my favourites. Let's see if you recognize any of them, and if any of you are Amish, then enjoy them for the first time!!

1. Girl at the Sea
This is the story of a girl who goes to the beach and all the pictures in her book become real. Also, everything in this movie later appeared in my nightmares shortly thereafter (especially the girl's dead eyes).

2. Six Soccer Socks
I saw this when I was about 3 and honestly thought that this is how my mom did the laundry; that the clothing danced into the machine.

3. Plants Need Water
And apparently this movie's animator needs plenty of acid.

4. Cat Food
This charming little story about animal abuse has such pretty animation. I always wondered if the cat suffocated to death at the end (which, in retrospect, is a terribly morbid thought for a 4-year-old).

5. Teeny Little Super Guy takes his nephew to school
This was my FAVOURITE of the Sesame Street shorts - I was like Bart Simpson when Itchy & Scratchy came on Krusty the Clown. Also, I thought the Teeny Little Super Guy was real and that if I was real lucky, he would show up in my milk glass one day. I also had an imaginary friend named Dave who I honestly thought was real. I had some serious issues with reality when I was a child.

6. I've Got a New Way to Walk
First off, this was a great song, and those pigs had some fantastic dance moves. But this video is great for me because when I was growing up, our next door neighbor was from Scottland, and there was no accent I imitated more than the Deaf Accent (which is very difficult to make sound authentic) than the Scottish Accent. I borrowed certain dictive properties from the muppet at the beginning of this short, and quite a few colloquiallisms from the Scotty dog in Lady and the Tramp.

7. Cat out of Blocks
Blocks are fun, kids like blocks, kids like cats. How much more explanation do you need for this one? Just watch it.

8. Crayon Factory
Factory tours are fantastic, and I love learning how things are made. However, How It's Made is awesome about 3% of the time. Why? Because they always show you how boring shit is made. Crayons, though...amazing. This one is dedicated to Jenn, who loves How It's Made almost as much as me.


ilana said...


Jenn L said...

man i remember all that shit!

i f-ing love teeny little super guy. that was also my favourite shit ever. i also love anything involving factories and making stuff!

Alice's right foot said...

Awsome! Other favorites of mine were:
- The ladybug picnic song
- The 1-2-3-4-5 song with the crazy marble pinball thingy
- The original 70's opening theme with guys roller-skating and stuff
- Anytime there was a segment with Oscar and his pet worm "Slimy", I loved that worm! At the age of 5, I decided to start keeping pet worms because of that little dude - my mom was less than impressed.

Since you're in Ontario, you must have also watched The Polka Dot Door - with the great "how things are made" segments through the door, no?

And Today's Special...ahhh I could go on and on about the wicked shows I used to watch as a kid.

The Mayor said...

Oh my god, yes. I watched Polka Dot Door religiously after I had my bath. I would get to watch it, then I had to go to bed.
Also, Today's Special is a big deal to Ontario Kids. If you say "Today's Special sucks" out loud, you will get knifed.

The Mayor said...

I just went and watched The Ladybug Picnic song, and I remember hating it, EXCEPT for the part where they go "then they sat around telling knock-knock jokes" and they all hit heads...I was willing to watch it just for that part.
Honourable mentions?
- Number 9 Cutie
- The Alligator King
- The J Song (with all the Hillbillies)

alice's right foot said...

My sister is the only one I know who says "Today's Special sucks" but that's because she was 10 and I was 5 and I was the baby of the family and always got to watch whatever I wanted. "Your little sister wants to watch Today's Special, you'll just have to watch Degrassi Junior High re-runs later". My sister lived for Degrassi Junior High. I watch it in re-runs now and think it was possibly the best teen show ever - of all time (it could kick 90210's ass any days of the week).

tylerface said...

I love the magical storybook one. Especially her reactions to when the pictures come alive. The clam was the worst though. The tongue action freaked me the fuck out. And Tyra wouldn't be too impressed, either. She wasn't smiling with her eyes...

Anonymous said...

warm fuzzies.....

I love the "Count" and the bats singing "batty,batty bat"

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