"He's cooking our garbage!"

I wish I could be bringing you a fantastic ANTM post, but Tyra jerked our chains with a shitty clip show. Tyra!! Fuck you, wigmaster! After I was let down with a the clipshow nobody asked for, I thought of doing a really good post. That thought was dashed as soon as I walked out of my apartment to do my laundry and almost fainted from the smell. As you can read the title (a-thank-you, Uncle Buck) it seriously smelled like cooked garbage. So I figured i would just post a couple of my favourite videos of the week.

This one is so cute. It was sent to me by my friend Jenn and features a couple of spiders, drugs, and a very tiny gun.

My cousins showed me this one - I really have to start giving them credit, because they show me my favourite videos. Do you remember Benny Lava? That was them. Anyways, I had to watch this one a couple of times before I realized how funny it was. Watch it once, then watch it again. Trust.

I'm sure you have seen this one, but I have never posted it. A great song from an okay actor who was in an AMAZING movie(s). Bear with the sketchy quality at the beginning - all you need is a pair of ears to trully enjoy it.

My sister sent this to me. Some of them actually look better after doing so much meth. Ugh, did I say that? Also, the best one is around the 2:00 mark. Thanks Alex!!


Alice's right foot said...

Okay, crappy clipshow indeed, however a few things need to be mentioned:
1. Drinks own breastmilk - ewwww, what else can I say?
2. Jello & A1 BBQ sauce - that's quite the diet plan skinny Mcskinny bones
3. "When else can you be super tranny and get away with it?" Everyday is tranny-day for you Manny-man-man-manerton.

deadeye-davi / uncle jesse said...

Lots and lots of junkies and addicts are sexy, period.

Meth made 2 Minute Lady think her hair looked good, that is the saddest thing about the drug.