America's Next Top Mo...aw, fuck it, Anya's gonna win.

Seriously, why keep showing new episodes? Anya has this thing. Okay, so last night the four remaining skanks had the challenge of who could be the best photographer with Paulina Pore-iz-cove-ah. Fatima did well, Whitney did pretty good, Anya was just excited to hold a camera for the first time, and Dominique was taking sample shots to submit to her plastic surgeon ("I want my breasts like this, I like her hips, her neck is nice - no adam's apple"). Then the 'noted' fashion photographer Nigel Barker shot them in a papparazzi-inspired photoshoot aka We're Running Out of Ideas for Photoshoots. I would say that considering we're dealing with 4 MR-Fs, they managed to get the shots and not totally fuck them up. Would all the girls who managed to look pretty and feminine please step forward?Not so fast, Dominique...
I have only one word about last night's elimination: Finally! How in Sweet Baby Jesus's name did she make it to the final 4? Dominique wasn't just a bad model; she was an effing moron. Ugh, she's like that girl you work with that complains non-stop about how if she were in charge "there would be some serious changes". You know what I am talking about? The one where when you ask if they graduated High School and they just go "oh mah god, no, but it's because I had all my classes and bla bla bla the teachers hated me and bla bla bla" instead of just going "yeah, I'm a fuck-up".
Whatever, glad you're gone, bitch! See you at the Single Moms United Together meeting! And now for the rest...
Can we not just give her the crappy Seventeen cover yet? Oh shit, I just realized something...next week is gonna be CoverGirl photoshoot week!! Yes, I live for that disaster! Anya's will look great, but it will also have just a touch of wonk. Also, I would like to see what CoverGirl colours they use on her. I just dyed my hair Anya blonde, and all my makeup makes me look like Paris Hilton aka A Massive Whore.Fatima
This picture is great, whatever, but can we get to the real subject here? What is up with Fatima's face?!? Did she have that much acne coming into the competition? Holy crap, sometimes when they would do the close-ups of her, I had to turn away. Her next challenge should be Washing Her Face.Whitney
Oh Whitney, my dark horse. I knew that she would be in the final 3. And I hate to say it, but I think she might be going home next week. I just don't see her facing-off with Anya. She could face-off with Fatima, but she will get a face-full of puss-explosions. Hey-o! But seriously, it was nice knowing you Whit-Whit.

Next week...I don't know what happens! My damn TV station keps skippin g through it, and just went straight to Rock of Love. I'm not complaining, but I would have liked to see what happens!

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Jenn L said...

if anya does not win that will be mental

she is obvies leaps above the others. but i can see tyra giving it to uggers fatima cause she feels bad for her ugly face.